The technology behind the vegetable purifier: Kent

With the pollution levels at an all-time high, the contamination of fruits and vegetables is apparent.

In recent times, more people have realized the importance of adopting healthy habits. When you decide to follow a healthy lifestyle, the first thing you do is cut down on the consumption of sugar and junk food. Cutting down on the intake reduces the risk of Type II diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular diseases and more.

Furthermore, when one increases the consumption of fruits and vegetables, they get many health benefits. However, there is a catch when it comes to the intake of fruits and vegetables. The produce available in the supermarkets is ridden with contamination on the surface which can make us extremely sick. With the pollution levels at an all-time high, the contamination of fruits and vegetables is apparent. Washing the produce is certainly not enough in today’s day and time. However, it is almost impossible to get rid of the contamination from pesticides and microbes which can be dangerous for your health.

For your everyday fruits and vegetables cleaning needs, a vegetable purifier does a lot more than running water. It is a type of vegetable washing machine that cleans and purifies the produce such as vegetables, fruits and even meat and seafood. KENT, a reliable Indian healthcare brand, is known for its innovative home appliances, and one such product is their Ozone Vegetable Purifier. It can remove pesticides and kill microbes such as bacteria, virus, and fungus from the outer layer of the produce.

Here’s what you need to know about KENT’s Vegetable Purifier


A compact and contemporary design, KENT Counter Top Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner is every bit sleek for a perfect table-top placement. The slim design saves space and places itself well on the kitchen counter.


KENT’s Vegetable Purifier is powered by the revolutionary Ozone Disinfection Technology. Ozone, when mixed with water, sterilizes the surface of fruits and vegetables, and is also an effective way of getting rid of harmful pesticides and microbes. Ozone gas produced by KENT’s Vegetable Purifier is completely safe for the health and is dissolved in water before any introduction to fruits and vegetables. It oxidizes the residual chemicals left over by pesticides from the surface of vegetables, fresh fruit and meat. With an ozone output of 200mg/h, it effectively gets rid of all pollutants.

Effortless Operation

Operating the KENT Vegetable Purifier is easy. Fill up a bowl with water and put the fruits and vegetables. Put the KENT Vegetable Purifier nozzle in the bowl and switch on to select the mode. After the given time, empty the bowl and rinse with water. It is that easy to operate!

Tests and Certifications

KENT is a reliable brand for home appliances, and all their products are tested and certified by best quality control services. The vegetable purifier by KENT is certified by SWISS CERT and has been tested extensively by TÜV SÜD, South Asia. Testing showed a reduction in pesticides by more than 95%. The tested residual pesticides in the ozonized fruits and vegetables samples are within MRL values as per FSSR. Tests and results were done on KENT’s Vegetable Purifier ensure that the product is safe for use.

Works without Consumables

KENT Vegetable Purifier works without any consumables. It uses oxygen from the atmosphere to produce ozone and does not require any service, replacement or external parts.

Last Few Words

Using a vegetable purifier is a fantastic way of ensuring that fruits and vegetables are free from contamination. As rising alone is not useful, it is imperative to use a purifier to ensure you are not a victim of hazardous chemicals. As among one of the fastest sterilizing agents, ozone is the way to go when cleaning the produce. Eating fruits and vegetables free from pesticides will ensure that you remain healthy.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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