Microsoft Windows phone is not dead yet; phones spotted

With no official statement from the company itself, every little change that it made to its device lineup.

A rumor that made the rounds last year stated that Microsoft had planned to kill the Lumia brand as it was trying to leave phones behind.

With no official statement from the company itself, every little change that it made to its device lineup was considered to step towards the demise of the Lumia brand and death of the Windows phones, including here the removal of some specific models from the official stores.

The company had pulled a number of Windows phones from its official US store, including two Acer models that weren’t exactly the best-selling devices in the Windows 10 Mobile portfolio. But given the speculation, it was once again seen as a method for Microsoft to pave the way for the demise of its mobile OS.

But now, two Acer Windows phones have returned to the Microsoft Store, only that just one can be purchased at the moment. This is living proof that despite all the rumors, the demise of Windows phones isn’t happening, or at least, isn’t happening right now or anytime soon.

According to what Neowin writes, the device can’t be purchased just yet, as it’s listed as out of stock. If it ever becomes available once again, the price tag should remain the same as before the removal - $99.

Next is the turn of the more powerful Liquid Jade Primo, which comes with a 5.5-inch screen, Snapdragon 808, 3GB RAM and Continuum. This time, the device is available in stock with a price tag of $449, including a dock, keyboard, and mouse to work with Continuum.

It is however not confirmed officially that Microsoft has started investing in Windows phones once again. But it’s the stoic proof that the platform isn’t dead just yet, despite all the rumors. The most recent speculation indicates that Microsoft is working on a Windows Phone reboot, so we can just hope that this time the whole thing is real.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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