Baby Yoda more loved on social media than Democrats right now

Baby Yoda, who broke the internet since The Mandalorian\'s premiere, is overpowering 2020 race entrants Michael Bloomberg & Deval Patrick.

Baby Yoda, a character from Disney+'s Star Wars series "The Mandalorian" is currently the most favourite subject of discussion in the social media world, far more than US 2020 Democratic candidates.

According to Axios, Baby Yoda, which broke the internet since the show's premiere on November 12, is overpowering 2020 race entrants Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick based on data by NewsWhip.

In terms of interactions, Baby Yoda has 1,671 interactions on Facebook and Twitter, while Bloomberg has 173 interactions and Patrick has 134 interactions. The character has also gained an average interaction rate 10 times higher than theirs

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