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5 benefits of using cloud storage solution in CCTV devices

Published Oct 1, 2018, 5:45 pm IST
Updated Oct 1, 2018, 5:45 pm IST
CCTV work best when they are equipped with the facility of adequate cloud storage.
With a cloud storage facility, a huge amount of data can be saved easily with affordability. (Photo: Pexels)
 With a cloud storage facility, a huge amount of data can be saved easily with affordability. (Photo: Pexels)

We spend years making our assets and to make sure they are safe, we need continuous monitoring. With extreme importance, CCTVs or Video Surveillance systems market is booming. The ever-changing technology in today’s time is developing modern security systems that allow businesses and home to be at low risk of theft, crimes or disasters.

So much thought of several hours goes into choosing the right CCTV that we often overlook some crucial factors that are equally important for our safety and security. There are several models and brands of CCTVs available in the market that help you keep a virtual eye on your assets.


While we look at the traditional ways, external device storage (mainly DVDs) were the only options available in the market. However, CCTV work best when they are equipped with the facility of adequate cloud storage.

With the advances in technology, modern security systems are coming up with unlimited cloud storage options. Most of the manufacturers have already started designing and selling their security systems embedded with cloud storage facility that sends the footage to a server which can be accessed via smartphone. Although the cloud storage facility is offered in the plan of monthly or yearly membership, it does not give inadequate capping on creating the backing up or storing footage on an everyday basis.


With the rising crime rate in the society, not only a good security system but also an effective backup storage is necessary for any home or business. With a cloud storage facility, a huge amount of data can be saved easily with affordability. 

Understanding the Cloud Storage system

Cloud storage is becoming the backbone of any video surveillance system. The network of servers connected together allows storing data at a centralized location so that it can be accessed remotely anytime. In the cloud storage system, data is saved virtually that can even be shared with anyone at any point in time.


There are several cloud options available for storage that you might even be used but those are known as a good option to store and backup your basic files and images. However, the cloud storage option for video security systems specifically offers fully private data storage and backup facility with strict security features.

Surety of Security with Cloud Storage

Storing video footage of CCTV on a DVD or smartphone is associated with various risks like misplacing the DVD or smartphone, theft and damage among others. Therefore, storing the recording on a cloud is much safer than any other conventional option.


Some people often stress upon the fact that cybercriminals also exist and can hack the cloud. But, many technology companies who are coming up with this facility have set up their dedicated teams who work solely for data security.

Effective in Accessibility

Storing the footage on an external device is extremely tedious. It requires everyday effort in copying and pasting the files to create the backup on the device which is also difficult to carry along with you. Hence, cloud storage is gaining importance on the fact that it offers easy access to the recording with a capability to access from any location with an internet connection.


Moreover, cloud storage saves you from the ruckus of not updating your backup as it comes with the automatic backup feature that ensures all your files are available instantly.

Cloud and Cost efficiency

Cloud storage reduces the expense of purchasing a new external hardware device every time when the previous device is full. It offers space for the massive amount of data storage at an extremely low monthly fee.

Additionally, backing up the recording does not cost efficient on hardware devices as they demand their own maintenance costs and time to create the backup manually. However, cloud storage provides a high amount of data storage space at flexible plans and automatic backup feature.


Disaster Recovery

Let’s think beyond theft and robbery!

There are other disasters also that can happen due to human or natural activity. If a fire breaks out at a building and all CCTV and computer systems are burnt, how will you recover the video footage for investigation?

Therefore, here comes the role of Cloud storage facility that helps you store the footage at a centralised location that can easily be accessed from any computer, laptop or smartphone device.

By: Vikram Kumar, Founder, Letstrack

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