TikTok makers to launch smartphone in India

ByteDance, the makers behind the app, are now planning to move beyond the User-Generated Content platform.

Whether you’ve used TikTok before or not, it has been one of those apps that everybody has heard of. The app which allows users to sync their videos with songs, movie dialogues and more has grabbed headlines time and time again, even getting a brief ban in the way.

Now the platform is set to move on to the next step and launch their own smartphone in India. According to a report from Reuters, ByteDance, the makers of the app, have confirmed the manufacturing of a new smartphone for which the company has partnered with Smartisan Technology.

ByteDance’s move seems to reveal that their strategy is to grow beyond creation of just UGC (User Generated Content) platforms. The phone they are about to make will likely come preinstalled with apps like TikTok and a recently announced music streaming service that hasn’t yet been launched.

The device may also have extra UGC-based perks for the users. The app has a strong user-base in countries like US and India, where approximately 100 million users engage in the app every month.

ByteDance has faced regulatory issues in the country though, and the company was asked to respond to questions of how the app tackles underage kids signing up on the platform and other queries on their content policies.

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