New PUBG update will let you play as zombies

The last PUBG update came less than a month ago and the next update is already here.

The last PUBG update came less than a month ago and the next update is already here. This new PUBG update will bring some new necessary game improvements. So, let’s take a look at what’s upcoming.

New Feature: Infection Mode

This is an asymmetric PVP mode. After the match starts, players are randomly divided into Zombies and Defenders. While Defenders can use firearms, Zombies can only use melee attacks and abilities with cooldown time.

Zombies can be revived after being defeated by Defenders, while Defenders will be turned into Zombies after being killed by Zombies. If all Defenders are infected, zombies win; if even just 1 Defender survives, then the Defenders win.

New user interface


The new UI looks neat and it’s quite spacious compared to the previous one. Probably, more game modes incoming. Matchmaking and Settings are now on the same page.

A helicopter in the game lobby


There is a helicopter waiting for you in the game lobby where you wait before jumping off from the plane to your preferred destinations. Looking like a war helicopter, it could be related to those upcoming movies or it may be a hint towards adding helicopters in the game.

Character system

Each player will get a character at the beginning. The characters will start with one skill that is only effective within EvoGround. Those characters can be customized with outfits, voices, emotes and MVP emotes. Users will be able to level up the characters and collect progress rewards by playing with them in any mode to earn EXP.

Some other new updates include

The number of Daily Missions is reduced and rewards have been adjusted; Daily Missions, other than the login mission, are released randomly. If players are not satisfied with their current Daily Missions, they can switch to other random missions in the mission pool up to three times a day.

Improvements and Bug Fixes include inventory interaction UI adjusted, non-inventory UI functions blocked in Inventory, expanded the item display area, simplified the editing of emotes, improved the selection logic for firearms and vehicles, players can now choose to show the helmets and backpacks in the main menu and added new zoom feature to zoom in on the character when viewing firearms, hats, glasses, face accessories and backpacks.

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