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5 Companies helping you unlock the next-level of customer engagement

Published Aug 1, 2019, 8:19 pm IST
Updated Aug 1, 2019, 8:19 pm IST
Let us have a look at some of the revolutionary platforms that are positively affecting the end-user experience.
Some of the leading companies are leveraging the latest advancements in AI.
 Some of the leading companies are leveraging the latest advancements in AI.

As the time-tested market proverb goes, “Customer is the King”, brands are virtually nothing without the support of their customers. We have seen global brands enjoying a cult following, having customers evolved into ‘brand patrons’ or graduate to ‘brand evangelists’. At the helm of this aspirational transition is brands offering their customers an unparalleled experience till they build substantial brand equity and mindshare; everything else is clockwork from thereon.

In their bit to delivering and exceptional customer experience, businesses of today are not left alone to fend for themselves. In fact, some of the leading companies are leveraging the latest advancements in AI and digitalization to enable businesses to elevate virtual user assistance to the next level. Let us have a look at some of the revolutionary platforms that are positively affecting the end-user experience on behalf of their clientele with their trailblazing approach:

LogMeIn’s Bold360, AI-powered customer engagement: Customers now expect consistent, high-value, in-person, digital experiences. Therefore, businesses need to adopt a multifunctional approach to meet this demand and deliver improved levels of customer experience consistently. To the same end, LogMeIn is helping companies embrace this era with their AI-powered customer engagement platform, Bold360. Bold360 allows bots and humans to work hand-in-hand in creating the best possible outcome for the consumer. By leveraging the power of AI, Bold360 helps personalise and enhance every interaction, regardless of where it takes place, allowing companies to deliver better and more consistent customer experiences seamlessly across both AI and agent-based interactions. Channelizing the best capabilities of humans and bots, Bold360 delivers ground-breaking intelligence with out-of-the-box simplicity and helps agents do what they do best – be human. 


DASH.MENU, revolutionizing diners experiences with FIDEOS: Stepping into a fancy restaurant and not understanding what to order or the order turning out to be completely different from what one may have imagined triggers a huge buyer’s remorse. This may result in a volley of social media backlash and perhaps complete abandonment in the future. However, DASH.MENU helps restaurants, food delivery, and cloud kitchen platforms resolve this challenge with the help of FIDEOS. Dash.Menu entices customers with short food-videos (FIDEOS). Before placing an order, customers can ‘sample’ their food through bite-sized 15 seconds short snippets of how their meal is prepared or would look once served. This takes away the guess-work in ordering and allows restaurants to upsell the food or highlight every distinctive ingredient or culinary skill that goes into the creating of the masterpiece cuisines. It also takes the boring printed menu cards out of the picture, thus, improving the overall dining experience of a customer. Dash is already being used by elite restaurant chains like Marriott, Le Meridian, ITC Hotels, Mamagoto Restaurants, and Taj Hotels among others., because every interaction matters: The primary pain point of any digital business is to engage and acquire its prospective customers over the internet. They have to do it while also understanding the needs of their current customers and fulfilling them optimally. Rather than driving customers towards a digital platform, the platform takes conversation precisely where the customer is – might it be another website (with conversational display ads) or social media. is able to gauge the perception of every prospective and current customers with their interactions (including likes, comments, and reactions over the social media) and then adopts the most optimal strategy and extensive personalisation to achieve the desired results.

Haptik, Conversational AI: Customer service as an operational segment demands substantial amount of time and money to be invested in training and management of queries, 80 per cent of which are repetitive in nature. Still, problems such as long wait times, erratic communication standards, unintentional errors and high attrition rates plague customer service operations for enterprises the world over. Chatbots are an ideal option to optimize customer engagement in the most cost-efficient manner as they can cater to a large number of queries offering consistent user experience, 24x7. They can be easily integrated into an enterprise’s existing customer engagement infrastructure without significant expenditure. Additionally, chatbots procure valuable data during each conversation with a user, thereby assisting enterprises with strategic decision making through valuable insights. Haptik’s bots have helped enterprises across sectors to make customer service scalable, easy and optimized, and the unique Bot+human hybrid approach ensures complex queries are immediately re-routed to experts while the bots reduce the workload by effectively resolving simple or repetitive queries. The inclusion of chatbots has empowered enterprises to improve their customer service processes significantly both internally and in terms of external engagement, creating a win-win situation for all enterprises and users alike.

TRELL, an idyllic platform for content creators & brands: Trell is a community-based platform pivoted around enabling lifestyle discovery through video-based meaningful content in various Indian languages. As a platform hosting over 4 million users, Trell bridges the gap between users looking for meaningful content around lifestyle inspirations and content creators or aspiring influencers who wish to create visual collections of their travel and lifestyle experiences. The superior tech-enabled platform makes it easier for content creators to engage with a highly engaging community of 1 Million Monthly Active Users on the mobile app. With the help of user-generated content, Trell serves its community with personal anecdotes and fascinating snippets related to a place, as well as local tips, DIYs and tips and tricks. Till date, the content creators on TRELL have generated over 1.6 Million original and meaningful content pieces around lifestyle.

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