Apple's AirPods are a runaway success,' says CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook tells CNBC that \"it's been a great holiday\" and the company's new Airpod headphones \"are a run away success.\"

Apple unveiled its wireless AirPods a month back. They were available for sale a little later and despite the given criticism, it appears like they are a big hit among fans. The AirPods reportedly remain short in supply. News agency Barron’s Next reported that as per an inventory check done on 28 December, there is only one store in US – Bridgewater, NJ that currently has the wireless earphones in stock. Moreover, Apple’s official website shows a six-week wait for delivery as well. In-store pickup for AirPod units isn’t expected to available again until mid-February.

CNBC reported Tim Cook as saying, “The AirPods are a runaway success, and we’re making them just as far as we can.” The comments were made while Cook took a tour through the New York Stock Exchange office. When asked if Apple could speed up production, Cook said, “I’m trying the best I can.”

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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