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In a new Yoky state of find!

Published Jul 29, 2016, 12:00 am IST
Updated Jul 29, 2016, 12:47 am IST
A local youth has come up with the perfect device to deal with lost items.
Vignesh, Kiran, Guruprasad and Pravin  — The Gida team
 Vignesh, Kiran, Guruprasad and Pravin — The Gida team

Don’t you hate it when you’re running late for work and you can’t find your keys? Or when you have to pay for the cab but can’t find your wallet in the mess of your bag? If only there was a virtual search option that we could use!

But a Bengaluru lad — Kiran PB has come up with the next best alternative — the Yoky tag. This tiny cute gadget can be attached to any small device from your keys to your wallet and tracks these things for you, all with the help of an app!

An electronic engineering graduate from IIT, Kiran worked at a number of companies like McKinsey & Co and Star India, before founding Gida, his start-up.

“Gida in Kannada means plant and we strive to embody that — sustainable growth that benefits people. Everything we do is driven by simple questions like – is our work going to be of sufficient impact and help us grow as a company,” Kiran says about the unusual name of his company.

The Gida team has easily lost 10 phones, a couple of wallets and keys as well as lots of bags, which is what inspired them to come up with the Yoky tag.

“I think the defining moment was when we lost the keys to the office and had to spend a few hours outside with our dog, waiting for the key maker,” admits the 31-year-old, about the app which can not only help find phones, but also wallets, keys and other items tagged.

We wanted the name to be synonymous with it’s functionality. Like we say ‘Google it’, we wanted to be able to say ‘Yo! Keys, where are you’. And then Yoky struck us! It’s such a fun name and captures the idea of the product. I’m just glad my parents weren’t as lazy or creative with my name,” jokes Kiran.

Going back to the Yoky tag – it requires constant Bluetooth connectivity as well as an app to function. Should we be worried about our precious battery lives? “The tag uses an efficient form of Bluetooth called Bluetooth Low Energy and the IOS and Android app typically consume barely one percent of batter over 24 hours!” says Kiran about the tag that not only has a customisable built in tracker, but also functions as a pedometer and counts steps as well as calories lost.

“I have long been excited about solving simple problems using technology and Gida is the perfect platform where my team and I have had the opportunity to take on some interesting problems and solve them from a social, business and tech perspective,” explains Kiran in conclusion.

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