Microsoft planning to launch its new wireless headphones

Latest patent surfaced online shows the design language of the headphones.

The era of smart headphones has been increasing lately and all the tech giants are gearing up to bring the most innovative techniques in headphones. A recently surfaced suggests that Microsoft is about to join this league with its new version of smart headphones.

microsoft headphonesPhoto : Microsoft

According to the newly surfaced patent report, Microsoft has filed a new patent named “Audio earphones having an adjustable cable system”, it features an audio earphone having an adjustable cable system interconnecting a first speaker unit (e.g., left speaker) and a second speaker unit (e.g., right speaker). The adjustable cable system may include a plurality of pods connected to different parts of the adjustable cable system such that the relative movement of the pods may adjust an effective length of the adjustable cable system.

“Sensors can provide additional functionality to the earphone apparatus. For instance, in one example that should not be construed as limiting, the one or more sensors can detect when at least one speaker units/earphone are inserted or removed from user’s ear,” the company explained.

The sensors in the pods will resume the music when the user wears the headphone again. In past two-three years, Microsoft applied for thousands of patents, only a handful number of such projects became reality, the approval of the patent doesn’t confirm that the headphone is ready to enter production.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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