Google Home can help you sleep better, here\'s how

Along with its other functions, the smart home device can lull you into deep sleep easily.

The Google Home can help you listen to good songs, pick out your daily schedule, control your lights. For those who use it, the Google Home is an immense help. In the market for smart devices, there are already technological interventions underway to help people sleep better. Thus with the coming of the Google Home, users also had expectations from the Google Home with regards to this considering its other capabilities.

After feedbacks and complaints from customers who have been using the device to drift into sleep, Google has updated and improved its product that way.

1. Play relaxing sounds, white noise

Many individuals like to have some sound around them as they sleep, for security or other factors. The Google Home device can play white noise on demand and can even be specific should you ask for a particular sound.

By tapping on the moon icon, one can time it to play for 5 minutes or 105 minutes.

2. Sings a lullaby

According to the website, the Google home can now sing lullaby’s for children. These include Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, a German Cradle Song and Rock-a-bye Baby.

3. Play a podcast

The Google Home can also play a podcast for those who fall asleep through them.

4. Bedtime story

To help put children to sleep, Google Home uses Google Play Books and StoryNory to pick out children’s stories for them. These are usually 3 to 10 minutes long.

5. Night Mode

Recognising that a lot many of Google’s users use the Home’s various features to lull them into sleep, Google launched a night mode for its device. This shall help users to use the device to listen to music as they drift to sleep, without being woken up by the glare of its lights. Users can also time the night modes to begin automatically.

Along with this, the technology giant has also incorporated another update recently into the Google Home to aid use at night. When users switch off lights at night, the device has begun to give only a soft chime instead of its usual one line response so as to not disturb them

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