Apple Watch with 5G in the works

The wait for a 5G Apple Watch is coming to an end.

Apple’s first LTE smartwatch came out with the Apple Watch Series 3 and now it appears that the company is already laying the groundwork for its first 5G Apple Watch. This smartwatch will offer faster data transfer speeds and quicker connections. And if you think this is just a rumour based on hearsay, then we have some exciting news for you as the Cupertino-based company has already filed a patent on Electronic Devices Having Millimeter Wave Ranging Capabilities.

The patent filing reads, “An electronic device such as a wristwatch may be provided with wireless circuitry. The wireless circuitry may include antennas arranged in a phased antenna array for conveying first radio-frequency signals at a first frequency between 10 GHz and 300 GHz (e.g., millimetre wave signals at a millimetre wave frequency). The wireless circuitry may include a non-millimetre wave antenna for conveying second radio-frequency signals at a second frequency below 10 GHz.”

Most mobile carriers are going to be offering 5G services over millimetre wave frequencies and it is typically referred to as mmWave. This not only enables the quickest transfers but also short-range. A related report by CultofMac states that telecom companies will not be using mmWave spectrum for 4G so this means that the only logical reason to add support for these frequencies to an Apple Watch is none other than 5G.

The report also states, “The non-millimetre wave antenna mentioned in the patent filing means the wearable will also support 4G. Which is wise, as 5G isn’t expected to become ubiquitous for quite a few years.”

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