360 Smart AI Wireless launches smart camera D706 with no blind spots

The camera captures cry detection, abnormal sound detection and priced at Rs 8,999.

360 Smart AI has launched its smart security camera portfolio with ‘360 Robot Camera D706’. With super quick DIY set up, the wireless camera brings security and convenience, patrolling your home with a bevvy of features including zero blind spots and suspicious object look.

The camera can be installed on any surface. With 1080P HD image sensor, the smart home security camera can output 1920 × 1080P HD images including the night vision up to 10m of view range. Pan, tilt, zoom and capture from all different points, with zero blind spots; the broad field of view covers every corner. The camera also supports customised patrol points and inspects the pre-set zones regularly.

Supporting two-way audio, with 2MP CMOS sensor connect to your family with high clear 2-way audio and face to face chat experience. Crafted with the industry-leading AI visual algorithm the camera comes with a feature called Private Mode that disables the live feed; both audio and video for a temporary period. The camera further supports custom-built Panoramic Cruise, Customized Continuous Cruise and Auto Cruise. With smart mobile tracking-tech, the user has prompted an alert whenever a suspicious or invasive object enters the frame which the camera will auto-track and sent to you in only 5 seconds. It can accurately identify humanoid changes, crying sound detection, and even abnormal sound.

Enabling storage in both cloud and storage card, the product is already available with leading retail stores and e-commerce store Flipkart.

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