Zebronics launches Zeb-Space Car boombox 2.1 channel speaker

A boombox design speaker with an interesting pattern and a futuristic front grill.

Zebronics has launched a Boombox design 2.1 speakers in a compact design that’s dubbed Zeb-Space Car. It is truly distinct from all 2.1 speakers because of its unique design, first off, it’s a compact speaker giving you the convenience of space. It’s a one unit speaker which saves space yet functions like a 2.1 speaker in terms of sound.

The Zeb-Space Car 2.1 speakers come with a powerful 10.12cms low-frequency driver and dual 7.62cms midrange driver with separate controls for bass and volume. Featuring a boombox design the speaker comes with an interesting pattern with a futuristic front grill. The front panel features an LED display along with LED lights. There are buttons on the top for volume/media. The speaker also has multi-connectivity options where you can stream your music wirelessly via BT or use your USB to plug in. It also has AUX support and comes with an inbuilt FM radio.

The speaker is available at leading stores across India for Rs 5399.

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