These USD 20,000 diamond-coated Apple AirPods can be yours

Only 19 of these premium AirPods remain.

Apple’s wireless Airpods have been a huge hit among consumers since the introduction, expanding Apple’s wearable category ahead of everyone else’s game. So far, the AirPods have been clearly loved for what they provide and fit-out for. But, one designer based in Los Angeles has decided to quirk the default manufactured design with a couple of tiny upgrades to add more bling to these earbuds – with 1,000 tiny diamonds, white gold coating, and a custom marble stand for display and charging. The overall cost would be around USD 20,000 (roughly Rs 13,79,900).

As part of his “New Materialism” series, Ian DeLucca has announced that 25 pairs of the Object No.1 AirPods are being made with diamonds that are said to be VVS1-quality, which would be naturally mined rather than manufactured. Every single one of these pair would be inscribed with its date of creation and an edition number.

These Object No.1 AirPods won’t compromise in any way as they look like they’ll fit easily in user’s ears as the standard AirPods do. With a metallic top and a diamond-coated stem, they are extremely classy.

As per the designer’s latest Instagram post, 19 of these premium AirPods remain.

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