A music delight!

The flagship player is priced at Rs 39,990.

FiiO announced the launch of the M11 Portable High-Resolution Lossless Music Player in India. The flagship player is priced at Rs 39,990 and is now available for purchase at Fiio’s home page and leading online and retail stores.

To ensure the user would have a great, powerful experience, the music player equips the Hexa-core Samsung Exynos 7872 SoC to power the M11. With excellent performance comparable to the Snapdragon 625 and Kirin 659, one can be sure that the M11 will output your music without fail while providing an exceptionally fluid experience.

Inside the M11 are two AKM AK4493 DACs decoding your music compared to its AK4490 predecessor, not only has the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) been doubled, but distortion has also been reduced by 1dB for greatly improved sound quality.

With its support of Bluetooth 4.2, the M11 can transmit the SBC/aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/LHDC Bluetooth format as well as receive certain formats. The M11’s high-performance Bluetooth radio ensures you can transmit signals further with stronger overall signal strength, so nothing can get in your way of enjoying quality wireless music.

Today, all high-end portable music players now include balanced headphone outputs. However, the M11 goes one step further by including both the 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced outputs, as well as retaining the 3.5mm single-ended output. No need for cumbersome adapters with the M11 – simply just plug in your headphones to the right output jack!

Adorning the front of the M11 is a large and colourful 5.15inch 10-point multi-touch screen with 1440x720 resolutions giving you a more immersive experience and more space to easily execute gestures.

The M11 adopts the modern USB Type-C symmetrical connector, capable of both receiving and transmitting digital signals. This also means that the M11 is compatible with commonly-found USB Type-C chargers.

The M11 can support outputting a wide variety of formats through its USB connector, including DSD128, DoP/D2P, and native DSD modes. Simply connect the M11 to an external decoder, and you have a portable jukebox capable of delivering excellent sound wherever you go.

Not only is the M11 certified by the Japan Audio Society to be “Hi-Res Audio” capable, but it is also the first product among its kind to carry the “Hi-Res Audio Wireless” certification.

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