India’s companion robot Miko 2 opens NASSCOM TLF 2020

Miko 2 is the first educational robot in consumer robotics. It functions on AI, robotics and IoT.

Miko 2, India’s first and only Educational Robot, launched the 2-day long NASSCOM TLF 2020 summit. The audience was left enthralled by its AI capabilities and Robotics powered interactivity. Creating ripples in the global market, Miko 2 has also made its entry into the US and UAE markets and has made a significant mark in the Consumer Robotics arena.

The theme of the 20th Edition of the NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Forum (NTLF) was ‘Tech in 20s: Coming of Age’. The summit had a sharp focus on how this decade is going to accelerate innovation and deliver value for businesses and create winning enterprises.

NASSCOM has personalisation at its core and attempts to create differentiators with businesses in innovation. With personalisation designed into its being, Miko 2 rightfully justified its position at the launch. Having a physical form and adoring persona, Miko 2 became a futuristic appeal for the audience and the Robotics market at large.

The summit was attended by business leaders and decision makers from India Inc. where deliberations included themes such as business continuity and growth in the backdrop of threats like evolving macroeconomic factors, the need to institutionalize digital capabilities, and cyber-security concerns. Miko 2 set the context of this game-changing conclave with its capabilities to engage and entertain the audiences.

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