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Technology Gadgets 17 Sep 2019 Mi Band 4: 23 things ...

Mi Band 4: 23 things to know before you buy

Published Sep 17, 2019, 12:29 pm IST
Updated Sep 17, 2019, 12:55 pm IST
If you’re waiting to buy the Mi Band 4, either fresh or as an upgrade from an older version, read these important pointers first.
You can change the removable strap on the Mi Band 4 and use one from the many colourful options to choose from.
 You can change the removable strap on the Mi Band 4 and use one from the many colourful options to choose from.

The Mi Band 4 is one of the most awaited wearables of the year. Xiaomi will launch the product today, on September 17 at approximately 12 pm and the band is expected to go up for sale thereafter shortly since Amazon has already listed the product on the site.

If you’re waiting to buy the Mi Band 4, either fresh or as an upgrade from an older version, here are 23 things that you should know about the Mi Band 4.


  1. Coloured AMOLED screen
    The Mi Band 4 is the first Mi band to launch with a coloured AMOLED screen. The screen is larger than the one on the Mi Band 3 and opens a lot of customisation options
  2. Watch faces
    The Mi Band 4 has the ability to switch watch faces. You can customise the look of the main screen the way you want.
  3. In-Built watch faces
    Though the Mi Band can virtually use any number of watch faces on it, you can store only four faces at a time on the band itself. Three of these are default ones you cannot change, You can add just one more to switch into quickly.
  4. Adding more custom faces
    Switching between two or more custom watch faces will require the Mi Fit app.
  5. Types of custom faces
    The Mi Fit app offers over 50 watch faces to choose from, but if you don’t like them, you can also choose from thousands of faces available on the web or in apps like Amazfit.
  6. Interchangeable straps
    You can change the removable strap on the Mi Band and use one from the many colourful options to choose from.
  7. Third-party straps
    There are also various more creative third-party straps you can use available on the web if the plain colours are too boring for you.
  8. No need for new straps
    If you are upgrading from a Mi Band 3, you won’t need to buy your favourite straps again as the Mi Band 4 is compatible with Mi Band 3 straps.
  9. Charging dock
    The Mi band 4 comes with its own magnetic charging dock that is different from that of the Mi Band 3.
  10. Band off, Charging on!
    The Mi Band 4 device still needs to be removed from the strap to charge the device.
  11. 20-day battery
    The Mi Band 4 battery life lasts for about 20 days on a single charge on moderate usage, and over 20 days if you keep automatic alerts turned off.
  12. Six-axis sensor
    The Mi Band 4 is the first Mi Band and one of the very few trackers to feature a six-axis sensor system to accurately detect body movements.
  13. Avengers Assemble
    The Mi Band 4 also launched in an Avengers edition in China. While it is doubtful that this edition will make it to India, it will be a popular option to choose from. The edition will come with three straps that feature Iron Man, Captain America and the Avengers logo insignia on them.
  14. Brightness control
    The Mi Band 4 has the option to change the brightness of the device display straight from the Band itself. The setting lies under More/Settings/Brightness.
  15. Night Mode
    The Mi Band 4 has the feature to automatically turn down its brightness, and turn it back up at scheduled times during the day. This can be set using the Mi Fit app.
  16. Music Control
    The Mi Band 4 can control your music playback on the phone. The interface can Play/Pause your music, and skip tracks forward and backwards. The interface also tells you when the phone is not connected and when there is no music playing.
  17. Heart-Rate sensor
    The Mi Band 4 has a built-in Heart Rate sensor that lies under the device face. The setup can detect the blood flow in your veins near the wrist and collected data can be displayed on the band itself or on the app.
  18. Automatic Heart-rate sensing
    The Mi Fit app can set the Mi Band 4 to measure your heart rate automatically at set intervals and you can see the graph format of the data on the app itself. The time interval options available now are 10 minutes and 30 minutes.
  19. Find your Phone
    If the Mi Band 4 is connected to the phone and you happen to lose it, you can hit the find phone button on the band and your smartphone will ring at the loudest possible volume, even if it is on silent.
  20. Find your device
    Similarly, if you lose your Mi Band 4, you can locate it by choosing the Find device option in the Mi Fit app.
  21. Behaviour tagging
    The Mi band 4 can be trained through the app to detect daily activities accurately based on body movements, like bathing, brushing your teeth, playing tennis, swimming, etc.
  22. Waterproof
    The Mi Band has certified waterproofing and can be used in up to a meter of water. Keep in mind that the screen will not be functional when the device is underwater.
  23. Built-in workout modes
    The Mi Band features built-in workout modes for preset activities like Walking, cycling, treadmill, swimming, etc

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