Fitbit announces lifestyle smartwatch Versa 2, and Fitbit Premium in India

The next generation of its best-selling smartwatch, Fitbit Versa 2 is now available in India for Rs 20,999.

Fitbit today announced the availability of its new Fitbit Versa 2™ expanding the family of its best-selling smartwatch, Fitbit Versa™. With innovative sleep features like Sleep Score and Smart Wake to help you improve your sleep as an important component of overall health, Versa 2 is equipped with a swim-proof design and an on-device microphone. It brings more convenience to users with Spotify expanding music options for motivation.

The next generation of its best-selling smartwatch, Fitbit Versa 2 is now available in India for Rs 20,999 across Reliance Digital, Croma, Helios, Landmark and other major retailers offline and online on Coupled with even faster performance, thousands of apps and clock faces and a brighter, crisper display with an optional always-on mode, Versa 2 is your 24/7 health and wellness companion – now with 6+ days battery life at the same approachable price as Versa.

Fitbit’s latest sleep features will allow users to not only better understand their sleep, but also to improve it:

  • Sleep Score: Receive a nightly score in the Fitbit® app for better insight into your sleep quality. Your score is based on heart rate (sleeping and resting), restlessness, time awake and Sleep Stages.
  • Smart wake: Coming soon to all Fitbit smartwatches, smart wake uses machine learning to wake you during an optimal time of your sleep cycle while in light or REM sleep, based on a pre-selected 30-minute interval, so you wake up feeling more refreshed.
  • Sleep Mode: Simultaneously disable your screen display and silence notifications for a night free of disturbances. Sleep Mode can also be used anytime you don’t want to be interrupted, like during a workout or in a meeting.
  • Estimated Oxygen Variation Graph: Coming soon, this graph will provide users with an estimate of the variability of oxygen levels in their bloodstream. The data is derived from a combination of the red and infrared sensors on the back of your device. Being aware of short-term variations in the oxygen levels in your bloodstream may indicate variations in your breathing during sleep.

Versa 2 is now available in India for Rs 20,999 in black with a carbon case, petal with a copper rose aluminum case, and stone with a mist grey case; with accessories ranging from Rs 2,999 to Rs 3,499. Versa 2 Special Edition is also available for Rs 22,999 in navy and pink with a copper rose aluminum case and smoke with a mist grey case. Consumers in India will also be now available to buy Fitbit products and accessories from Fitbit India official online store.

In addition to Versa 2, Fitbit Premium is also available for users to buy. It is a paid subscription service in the Fitbit app that uses your unique data to deliver Fitbit’s most personalized experience yet, with actionable guidance and coaching to help one achieve health and fitness goals. It leverages insights from 10+ years of Fitbit data as well as academic and medical expertise to help you move more, sleep better and eat well with customized programs, advanced sleep features, personal insights, thousands of workouts, new challenges, health reports and more – all in one place and made just for you.

Premium includes nine guided health and fitness programs that help you get more sleep, wake up energized, increase your activity, manage nutrition and create lasting healthy habits, including: Intro to Healthy Habits, Get More Zzz’s, Habits for Restful Sleep, Get Active, Beginner Running, Run Training, Understand Calories, Kick Your Sugar Habit and Kick Your Salt Habit.3 Programs include actionable coaching, daily tips and tricks, structured workout plans, relaxation tools, recipe suggestions and educational content. Fitbit will launch additional activity, sleep and nutrition programs by the end of the year, so regardless of your health journey or fitness level, you will have options to help you reach your goals.

Fitbit Premium is available for Rs 819 per month and Rs 6,999 per year.

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