Bajaj Electronics showcases new Vivo phone

HYDERABAD: The latest mobile from Vivo, the X90, was on Thursday unveiled at the Bajaj Electronics showroom at the Nexus Hyderabad mall in Kukatpally. The Vivo X90, dubbed the ‘Extreme Smartphone with Xtreme Features’, was unveiled by actress Daksha Nagarkar who starred in the movie ‘Ravanasura’.

Speaking on the occasion, Karan Bajaj, CEO of Bajaj Electronics, said, “We at Bajaj Electronics are showcasing the famous X90 Series-Xtreme Imagination which is one of the most sought-after premium segment smartphones.”

The phone comes with a IMX866 Vivo Customised Sensor, a Zeiss 1-inch main camera, extreme night video, Zeiss cine flare, and a 120W dual cell flash charge.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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