CES 2018: Matrix launches PowerWatch X that runs on body heat

The watch doesn't need to be charged for monitoring notifications and fitness tracking.

PowerWatch was launched by Matrix Industries in the year 2016 which claimed to use a proprietary thermoelectric energy converter to power the timepiece exclusively from excess body heat. And while the original PowerWatch proved to be using the technology efficiently, its functioning became limited as it only concentrated on basic fitness tracking.

Come CES 2018, the brand has introduced an advanced version of the smartwatch named PowerWatch X. According to a report of The Verge, the updated version adds support for smartphone notifications over Bluetooth. A prototype which was tested didn’t have functional notifications so one may not be sure of how well that feature works or what notifications will even look like on the device. Although the watch is chunky as compared to other smartwatches, it is light-weight and a comfortable wear.

The PowerWatch X is available for pre-order for $249.99 ( approximately Rs 15,800) and is expected to ship sometime this year although no exact release date has been announced.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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