Sony PS4 sales cross the 70 million mark, matching PS3's lifetime sales

Sony has also sold 2 million PS VR headsets along with 12.2 million PS VR titles.

If you are in the market for a gaming console, then Sony’s PlayStation has to be the top name in your consideration list, sitting along with Microsoft’s Xbox. The current PlayStation model — the PS4, is a capable gaming console that can lock horns with dedicated gaming PCs in terms of performance. This shows in its sales figures, marking the PS4’s sales figures at 70.6 million units, matching that of the PS3’s total lifecycle sales.

Since 2013, Sony has managed to sell 70 million units of PS4 across the world. the company has also released stats of a number of PS4 titles they have managed to sell — 617.8 million titles. Not only the old school consoles but Sony has also managed to ship 2 million units of PS4 VR, along with 12.2 million titles for the same.

However, these numbers are expected to rise further as the festive season lies ahead. Sony also has a more powerful and capable version of the PS4, called the PS4 Pro, bringing 4K gaming to the console platform. Meanwhile, Microsoft follows close on the heels with its new Xbox One X, which the Redmond giant claims as the most powerful gaming console. It will be interesting to see how these two consoles fair in the coming months after the festive season comes to a halt.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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