Kollam: Now, a wearable ECG device to keep you healthy!

Biocalculus uses Bluetooth low power technology; it easily adheres to chest of user.

Kollam: A startup company incorporated last year by a group of young engineers at the Technopark in Kundara here has developed an artificial intelligent ultra-low power wearable ECG device.

Named Biocalculus, it can be used as a personal health device, sleep monitoring device and athletic tracker. It uses cloud-based analytics to track down various parameters of the user and provide accurate data.

The device is available in two modes mainly wellness plus sleep mode and athletic mode. It gives warning when the stress level of the athlete or older people is too high, and it discovers increased risks of arrhythmia and other potential heart anomalies during rest and recovery states as well. It helps avoid sudden cardiac arrest and preventing slow degeneration of heart muscle over the years.

“We were three people when we started Waferchips Techno Solutions in 2014. It was expanded in 2016, moving into the Technopark building. The company now has an employee strength of 13, and we took nearly a year to develop and test the product. We look for crowd funding for mass production,” Sonia Mohandas, CEO of the company, told DC.

“Biocalculus will be attached to the chest with an adhesive patch. From the device, data will be transferred to a smartphone application through Bluetooth and as well as through OTG connector. Then the data will be processed by the smartphone application, and detailed processing data will be sent to the cloud where analytics and artificial intelligence is provided. Based on the analysis, the final result will be sent back to the app and also to the online trainer,” Ms Sonia said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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