Syska just launched a power bank that can fit in your pocket!

The super light power bank ensures fast charging and is available in multiple colours.

Syska Accessories has launched the P0511J Power Bank. The powerbank comes with a steady capacity of 5000mAh and high energy density polymer cell. Syska mobile accessories offer a wide range of top quality products such as wireless speakers, wireless headsets, earphones, car chargers and others.

The power bank market is on a growth trajectory owing to factors such as increasing usage of electronic devices and technological advancements. Power banks work as an inexpensive alternative for most instead of replacing the smartphone battery. In this innovative era, Syska introduces a highly conventional technology that saves time and offers maximum benefits. Built with intelligent multi-protection circuit, the power bank ensures safe charging while protectecting itself from overcharge. The metal bodied power bank comes with a Micro USB input and USB output port that allows you to charge your device rapidly.

Features of the Syska P0511J Power Bank:

Pocket size – Syska P0511J Power Bank is super lightweight and weighs about 110 gm and is compact in size. The product comes in various colours.

Plug and play led battery indicator - Syska Power Bank now indicates its plug-in power through Led indicator for better knowledge of battery statics. The power bank has a prolonged battery life.

Intelligent multi-protection circuit- Syska Power Bank has assembled intelligent circuit to provide a constant stream of current to ensure safe charging.

Advanced current shunt with fast charging – Syska P0511J Power Bank can shunt its current which allows the power bank to self-charge and protects your battery from critical damage such as excessive heating or reduced battery backups.

Overcharge and discharge protection - This gadget qualifies its “Overcharge and Discharge Protection” function in case the power is not switched off after completion of charge in the device. It also instantly disables the output when it exceeds the rated current to protect the circuit’s safety.

Multiple Compatible and Travel Friendly – The power bank comes with multiple connectors like One Micro USB for input and output (DC 5V/2A). The product is compatible with a wide range of devices including Digital Cameras, Gaming Consoles, iPods, Mp3/Mp4 players, Tablets, Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Android or iPhones. The power bank is light in weight and can be easily carried along during travel.

High Density Polymer Cell - Syska Power Bank has a steady protection with a 5000 mAh cell, with multi-protection circuit which provides prolonged battery life and an advanced mechanism of discharging protection for overcharging.

6 Months Warranty – P0511J comes with a 6 months’ warranty against any manufacturing defects. The warranty will be effective from the date of purchase of the product.

Syska powerbank is multifunctional, pocket fit sleek and is available at leading retail outlets for Rs 1,199. The power bank comes in red, blue and silver colours.

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