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AKG K72 headphone: Remarkable sound clarity but lacks bass

Published Oct 1, 2016, 5:46 pm IST
Updated Oct 3, 2016, 11:02 am IST
The headphones are studio-grade and can be used for a lot of activities including studio monitoring
The AKG K72 over-eat headphones by Harman.
 The AKG K72 over-eat headphones by Harman.

Pros: Crystal clear sound, over-ear design, comfortable

Cons: Lacks bass


Headphones have become an inseparable accessory in the modern day and companies are trying their best to churn out better quality portable audio devices. Not only as accessories but headphones are also used by numerous audio professionals and sound engineers for various purposes including song programming, monitoring sounds during recording, and live shows.

While headphones are a dime a dozen in consumer markets throughout the globe, there still exist a sharp demand for high-quality headphones. It’s difficult for customers to find regular headphones which offer the perfect sound experience.


If you’re bored of the usual headphones, you can try out studio-grade headphones, which might not be as convenient to carry around but offer stupefying sound quality. These headphones usually cost a bomb but recently companies such as AKG and Audio Technica have started developing more affordable ones for headphone lovers.

Recently I got my hands on the new AKG 72 over-ear headphones by Harman; something that I was looking forward to for quite a while now. It comes packaged in a simple box and the only accessory that comes along with it is a 1/4-inch stereo adapter plug that screws on, as an extension at the end of the cable.


One of the best facets of this headphone is its simplicity, without the unnecessary accompaniments. The headphones are studio-grade and can be used for a lot of activities including studio monitoring, DJ-ing, and even listening to music in your personal space.

However, the 9.8 feet cable makes it a tad inconvenient to carry around and is best suited for static usage. While I have always preferred in-ear headphones, the affordability and the crystal clear sound on this headphone is too good to be ignored. At just Rs 4,649, these headphones deliver quality similar to the likes of some of the best headphones from Audio Technica or Bose.


The K72 studio headphones offer detailed and rich sound; however, there are some elements that need to be addressed. Although the sound clarity is paramount, bass is on the lower side and it could have been slightly louder. There ‘highs’ and the ‘low’ are hard to identify due to the unnatural sound compression but scores perfectly when it comes to noise reduction.

If you’re looking for a professional headphone for studio purpose, this is an affordable headphone that gets the job done. This is also a good choice for people who play a lot of games or watch a lot of movies. You’ll literally fall in love with the K72’s sound quality for its sheer neutral sound.   


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