Critical Security Alert For Android Phone Users, Details Inside

Hyderabad: In a shocking discovery, the Microsoft Threat Intelligence team has identified a malicious pattern in many Popular Android Applications.

The Threat Intelligence team has identified this vulnerability as 'Dirty stream attack' and said that the patterns have been identified in several apps available to download from the Google Play Store that represent over 4 billion downloads.
The malicious pattern gives the attacker control over the entire app behavior giving him the access to sensible and confidential data stored in your device.
Safety steps:
The Microsoft Threat Team has published in its blog post their entire findings and alerted developers and Google to come up with security patches. The general user can follow these steps to keep their device safe from attackers.
Stay ahead in the game: Always stay a step ahead of the attackers by updating the apps regularly. The developers come up with security fix ups in their updates and it is important to keep updating the app.
Don't infiltrate: If you have to download a new app, Go to a trusted source like the Google Play Store or the Samsung Galaxy store. Do not let your device get compromised by downloading apps from unreliability sites.
Caution is key: Always research about the app developer and read through the permissions they ask, even if you download from trusted sources. If the app is seeking permissions beyond its usage then think twice.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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