Apple announces new accessibility features including Eye Tracking

Apple announced new accessibility features to iPad and iPhone and will come later this year.

The new features include Eye Tracking, Music haptics, Vocal shortcuts and many others.
The eye tracking helps the user to control their iPad or iPhone with their eyes. Eye tracking was already supported in iPadOS and iOS but it required an additional eye tracking device. Now, there will not be any need for any additional device and you can easily navigate your iPhone or iPad with your eyes given the in-built option.
The Eye Tracking feature uses the front-facing camera to navigate through the apps. It uses Dwell Control to access functions such as physical buttons, swipes and other gestures using the eyes.
Music haptics will help the people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, to listen to millions of songs in the Apple music with just taps, textures and vibrations.
With Vocal shortcuts feature, iPhone and iPad users can assign sounds or words that Siri can understand and it will complete tasks or launch shortcuts.
Vehicle Motion Sickness feature helps the iPhone and iPad users with motion sickness while in a moving vehicle. With this feature, animated dots will appear on the edges of the screen which represent changes in vehicle motion.
CarPlay will get new features which are Voice Control, Color Filters and Sound Recognition. With Voice Control, you can control apps or CarPlay with your voice. Sound recognition feature will notify the passengers or drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing through alerts. Color Filters are for people who are colorblind, this feature will make CarPlay interface visually easier with the use of visual accessibility features like Bold Text and Large Text.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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