Many Indians addicted, spend 1,800 hours on phones each year, finds study

The study titled ‘Smartphone and their impact on human relationships’ surveyed 2,000 people across 8 cities of the country.

Smartphone brand vivo has released the results of its study titled ‘Smartphone and their impact on human relationships’ which it undertook in association with Cybermedia Research (CMR).

The study thus tried to understand the impact of smartphones on human interactions, surveying roughly 2,000 people from 8 cities of the country.

The study revealed that the average Indian spends 1/3rd of their waking hours on their phone, which translates to 1,800 hours a year. Meanwhile, compared to 10 years ago, 30 per cent fewer people meet family and loved ones multiple times a month.

CMR states that these results have 95 per cent chance of accuracy allowing for 2 per cent changes.

75 per cent of the respondents agreed to have owned a smartphone in their teens and of them 41 per cent were hooked to phones even before graduating from high school.

1 in 3 people feel that they can't even have a 5 minute conversation with friends and family without checking their phones. However, good news is that 73 per cent respondent agreed that if smartphone usage continued at the current rate or grew it could impact mental or physical health and 3 in 5 said having a life apart from the phone is important and can lead to more happier lives.

The report cuts across age-groups and demographics: youth, working professionals, housewives spanning the age groups of 18 to 45. The total number of respondents were 2000 out of which 36 per cent were females and 64 per cent were males.

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