Trisha Slams Politician

He made derogatory remarks about the actress, quickly apologised after the backlash

Actress Trisha Krishnan has boldly spoken out against derogatory remarks made by former AIADMK politician A V Raju, sparking widespread condemnation and igniting a conversation about sexism and harassment in the entertainment industry.

A V Raju was captured making inflammatory remarks targeting not only Trisha Krishnan but also fellow actor Karunaas. The video clip, which quickly circulated on social media platforms, drew intense backlash from the public, with many expressing outrage at the politician’s disrespectful comments.

Trisha Krishnan, breaking her silence on the matter, took to Twitter to express her disgust at the remarks and pledged to take necessary and severe legal action against those responsible. In her tweet, she denounced individuals who resort to such reprehensible behavior for attention, emphasizing her commitment to pursuing legal recourse to address the issue. Soon after Trisha warned of severe action, A V Raju apologised for the comment saying his quote had been misrepresented.

Film fraternity, fans support Trisha, call for legal action

Members of the entertainment industry and her fans are rallying in support of Trisha Krishnan, who was recently the target of derogatory remarks by former AIADMK functionary A V Raju. Reacting strongly to the comments on social media, the actress had warned that “necessary and severe action will be taken” and added, “anything that needs to be said and done henceforth will come from my legal team.” Raju was quick to issue an apology, and claimed that he had merely been recounting what a former MLA had shared with him, and that his comments were misconstrued. But netizens aren’t appeased. The original video clip, which also targeted actor Karunaas, and the subsequent exchange of comments has re-ignited conversation about sexism and harassment in the entertainment industry, and has sparked outrage.

Mansoor Ali Khan was the first to react. “The derogatory comment about actress Trisha deserves severe condemnation. It hurts to see someone speak badly about a fellow actor. Such speeches are dangerous, obnoxious and will affect society. Action should be taken against the person who spoke like this.”

Khushbu Sundar posted on her X handle, “These men just show their upbringing, desperation & frustration. You are much stronger and more powerful than them. Continue your journey with the same dignity and respect. More power to you gorgeous.”

“I just heard that a stupid idiot from a political party spoke disgustingly about someone from our film fraternity. I will not mention your name nor the name of the person you targeted because I know you did it for publicity,” said Vishal, posting on X. “What you have done is absolutely filthy and not worth mentioning. But these particular ppl mean a lot personally and professionally. …I don’t make this statement as a general secretary of the artistes association, but as a human being,” he added.

“Of late, there’s an increasing trend to speak ill of actresses in the public domain,” noted Kasturi Shankar. “I strongly condemn his offensive remarks.”

“Glad she spoke up and hope he rots in jail (which may not happen) and rots otherwise” was Chinmayi Sripada’s comment.


The Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) has issued a statement condemning Raju’s comments and extending its support to Trisha. “In politics, there might be several reasons for one party to accuse another, but in that process don’t make baseless accusations and derogatory remarks about the women of the film industry,” the statement said, calling for strict government action to prevent such attacks on the virtue of women.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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