Though T-wood celebs get clean chit in drugs case

the damage is done, they say

Six of the eight cases filed against Tollywood celebs in the 2017 drugs case have been dismissed by a city court. Ravi Teja, Charmme Kaur, Mumaith Khan, Tarun, Subbaraju, Tanish, Nandu, director Puri Jagannath and cinematographer Shyam K. Naidu were given a clean chit a couple of days ago. A big relief after being under the scanner for many years. The court verdict is like a validation, but they did go through a tough time after being named in the case. Their reputation as stars took a beating. We spoke to four of them, and this is what they had to say.

Nandu, actor ‘Toughest time in my life’

My family and friends know what I am, and thankfully now the judicial authority has also said we are clean. There was so much written about me back then. I went through toughest times. Even after seven years I still remember that pain. Had it not been for my family and friends, I would not have weathered the storm.

Mumaith Khan, actress ‘Horrifying days, faced humiliation’

I have the ED summons framed in my house. To be honest, I never bothered about the drugs case because I was never involved. But there was a lot written about me... a lot of public humiliation, and those were horrifying days. I have done no wrong, I did not even appoint a lawyer. I went alone to the ED both times I was summoned. When I called on my mother, she said ‘just go ahead, appear in front of the ED and come back.’ I am blessed to have such a family.

Subbaraju, actor ‘The damage can’t be undone’

Me and my family went through a lot, nobody can undo the damage done to me. We knew we hadn’t done anything wrong. But those two weeks were like a witch hunt. The film industry and actors are soft targets, the suffering my family went through is hard to explain. I only request everyone to be more responsible before passing judgement.”

Tanish, actor ‘We suffered a lot...hard to explain’

Though we knew we were clean, the impact and repercussions were bizarre and it was one of the worst times I have passed through. People spoke about my personal life and our families were affected. We suffered a lot and for a long time. I lost my father and my mother was shattered, the agony is hard to explain. Such damaging accusations will impact our career. As actors we are targeted. People passed judgement much before the court decided.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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