Pawan Kalyan, a karate maestro

Get a glimpse of superstar Pawan Kalyan’s martial arts journey with Shihan Hussaini

Actor Pawan Kalyan, now a very prominent politician in Andhra Pradesh politics, touted to become the deputy CM of the state after his victory in the recent elections, is a black belt in martial arts.

In a recent viral video, Chennai-based martial arts expert and occasional actor Shihan Hussaini recounted how Telugu superstar Pawan Kalyan was insistent on learning Karate from him during the 1990s. Despite having paused his teaching career to manage a security agency, Hussaini was persuaded by Kalyan’s determination, as the actor visited him daily for a month, eventually staying with him for over a year and even assisting with household chores.

Hussaini admitted he was unaware of Kalyan’s celebrity status as Chiranjeevi’s brother until several months into the training, appreciating the actor’s desire to learn martial arts as an ordinary student. Kalyan’s faithfulness led him to earn a black belt quickly. He showcased these skills in the film Thamudu, where his martial arts stunts significantly contributed to the movie’s success.

The actor is all set to become a minister in the AP cabinet. On the movie front, he is set to captivate audiences with upcoming big-budget films like OG, Hari Hara Veera Mallu, and Ustad Bhagat Singh.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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