I’m proud to represent India

Sini Shetty, Miss India World 2022, is looking forward to taking part in the 71st Miss World Grand Finale on March 9. She talks about her preparations and dreams

Standing on the Miss World stage is a big deal. There is a mix of excitement and a bit of nervousness. The nerves are not a problem; they show how much this chapter in my life means to me. I am confident, as I have prepared extensively for this. It is not just about winning a title; it is about enjoying the journey, and proudly representing my country,” says Sini Shetty who is among the 120 participants from various nations competing for the crown. “Miss World being held in India is special for me. It is an opportunity to showcase India’s colourful culture, food and warm hospitality. It shows our acceptance of different backgrounds, reflecting the values rooted in our country’s history,” says the 24-year-old. (India is hosting the Miss World pageant after 28 years, the last one being in 1996.)

“I aim to encourage unity and celebrate the differences among the contestants on the global stage,” she adds.

Giving glimpses into her preparation for the big event, Sini says, “The training sessions are intense and. My aim is to better showcasing my talents to the world.” She shares that she has been honing various skills which she needs to stand out on a global platform. “It is not just about looking good; it is like a dance, where one has to be charming, smart, and have a strong presence,” says Sini, who is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. The art form has given her grace and taught her patience and resilience, she reveals.

“I am ready to shine on stage, reflecting the best of grace, intelligence and beauty at the upcoming Miss World event,” she says confidently. The Mumbai-born girl, who has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, has been pursuing the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certification, and works as a Marketing executive.

Since she was crowned Miss India, Sini has been actively engaged in promoting Indian culture globally and advocating child and women empowerment and environmental conservation. She has launched, ‘Aashayein’, a project to offer underprivileged children opportunities for education and employment. She has also participated in charity work, fundraising events and fashion shows to support various causes.

Sini’s roots are in Mangalore. Her paternal grandfather hails from an erstwhile royal family and her maternal grandmother was a freedom fighter. They have shaped her values and inspired her to contribute to the community and the cause of education.

The young woman says she’s eager to enter the new, thrilling phase that will open up if she wins the ‘Miss World’ crown. “I am not only prepared but also enthusiastic about embracing the challenges that come with it. If this dream comes true, it will not just be a personal achievement; it will be a golden opportunity for me to contribute positively to the world. Being Miss World aligns with my aspirations to do good for the world, bringing about meaningful change,” she asserts.

“Miss World being held in India is special for me. It is an opportunity to showcase India’s colourful culture, food and warm hospitality.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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