Couplepreneurs: The Business Of Love

They met, got hitched and the rest was economics. From successfully running homes to their businesses, couples are showing the world how it’s done. On Valentine’s Day, let’s move over the usual blah-blah of the much-in-love couples and delve into the inspiring stories of these life-business partners, writes Swati Sharma

Poles apart... yet so close

Shaping dreams and giving them form is a difficult undertaking in any creative field. When it comes to architecture and interior design, it’s the desire to create and see your ideas take shape in a physical form, self-analysis, and the determination to produce better results in awe-inspiring work. This is the workplace culture at Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers (AANDH).

“We have extremely diverse tastes, but we always consult each other about design issues. Hameeda is a very thoughtful and meticulous designer, while I am more spontaneous and impatient, so I guess it works well for both of us and our clients.” The duo is proud to represent their State on a national and global scale in design today, and they have received numerous prizes and plaudits for their work. “It’s difficult to collaborate with one another since we always have design disagreements, yet we are a strong force in the design world and will continue to pack a design punch for a long time.”

Working towards a common goal

Pee Safe is an Indian-based firm that manufactures personal hygiene and health products. Vikas and Srijana Bagaria launched the firm in 2013 with the goal of delivering innovative and inexpensive hygiene and health products for both men and women.

In every entrepreneurial journey, ebbs and flows are inevitable. Disagreements may arise, but akin to fellow co-founders navigating the entrepreneurial landscape, we make decisions that benefit that brand keeping our biases aside. Our focus remains the advancement of our brand. Collaborating with one’s partner professionally requires differentiating professional decisions from personal sentiments. Working towards a common goal, as a team, sure helps you stay focused and accountable.

The great balancing act

Working as business and life partners provides unique difficulties and accomplishments that genuinely define perseverance, teamwork, and love. On the one hand, being closely connected with your spouse fosters innate understanding and trust. This can make communication easier and decision-making more consistent. However, the lines between personal and work life can blur, resulting in confrontations, misunderstandings, and extra stress. It takes a lot of patience, compromise, and understanding to negotiate these obstacles while maintaining a strong relationship. You get up, work, eat, and sleep together. While it may seem idiomatic, it may also lead to weariness and anger if not handled properly.

Balancing the duties of running a business while keeping a strong personal connection necessitates ongoing focus and effort. Furthermore, workplace issues can leak over into your personal life and vice versa, so it is critical to set clear boundaries and communication channels. Being a couple-preneur is a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs, but it’s also an extremely gratifying experience that enhances the bond between partners. Regardless of the obstacles, the tenacity and love that propel these dynamic duos forward is extremely amazing.

Sense & Sensibility

In 2007, the two started a tiny food firm in Hyderabad. This culinary pair has made global food local while also revolutionising the private dining experience.

But what’s it like to manage a business alongside your spouse? “Maya comes from a similar background, so she knows the stress, hard hours, and problems. In our case, we complement each other: I work in food and beverage, and she works in ‘front of house’ (housekeeping),” says Shankar.

While Shankar oversees the entire operation, Maya handles the aesthetics. Senses and responsibilities must be in sync, which is one of our strengths while working together. With over 80 years of combined expertise, we have a comprehensive understanding of how to approach hospitality: constantly be sharp, sensitive, and, above all, particularly attentive to the slightest details. Maya, to me, is the essence of hospitality, both at home and at business, with a strong eye for detail. So I focus on the size and immensity of everything, while she focuses on how things look and feel right. So who is the boss? “Obviously him,” chuckles Maya and Shankar is quick to add, “I am the boss, but I have her permission to say that. I think of an idea and she gives shape to it.”

A strength to overcome all odds

Shikhar and I have had an incredible journey as couplepreneurs. Our unique skill sets and strong relationship, developed over nearly two decades, has worked wonders in accelerating our progress. We co-founded Samosa Singh out of our undying love and passion for the classic Indian snack and street food culture. The relationship we have thrives on our unmatched synergy, where our abilities perfectly complement each other. Working together as a couple has been crucial in navigating the hurdles of entrepreneurship, allowing us to harness our combined expertise and insights to move Samosa Singh ahead.

We have survived challenging times together on this rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, providing unfailing support and solidarity to each other. These hardships have not only deepened our friendship but have also generated a greater understanding and respect for one another’s goals and choices. The route to becoming a couplepreneur is surely not without its hurdles.

Encouraging each other to the fullest

Kalpesh and Megha are the faces of the prestigious designer brand MnK, which is known for its haute fashion workmanship that combines Indian and Western aspects for both men and women. With a long history spanning 17 years, we have established a high standard in the fashion business by continually pushing the boundaries of our inventiveness.

Being a couplepreneur means that regardless of how much we have or do not have, we both encourage each other to live life to the fullest. It means combining our energy, thoughts, and efforts to form a link based on compassion and support.

We have survived challenging times together on this rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, providing unfailing support and solidarity to each other. These hardships have not only deepened our friendship but have also generated a greater understanding and respect for one another’s goals and choices. The route to becoming a couple-preneur is surely not without its hurdles.” — Shikhar & nidhi singh

Keeping things as clear as possible

Cupid struck them in New Delhi eight years ago, where Priyanka Jawahar and Youhan Noria met through mutual friends. What drew them together was their high level of compatibility, common wavelength, and intellectual intelligence, which has allowed them to blossom in their personal lives as well as become couple-preneurs and successfully run their fashion jewellery brand Estele for the last five years.

Priyanka and I are in charge of all business operations, including product design and development. We try to keep things as clear and accountable as possible, but there will always be some overlap. It can be as easy or as tough as you like by creating conflicts, overlaps, and disconnections. We need to take a step back, reconsider our alternatives, and make the best selection possible.

The most challenging aspect is dividing personal and professional lives. It appears simple, yet it is difficult. We avoid bringing business talks home at night and instead spend more quality time with our nearly three-year-old son, family and friends.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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