Yogi Adityanath may gain popularity across India

The stars suggest the conquest of hurdles and political growth for this leader.

Following the landslide victory of the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) in Uttar Pradesh’s 2017 Assembly Elections, the selection of Hindutva mascot Yogi Adityanath as the chief minister was considered a risky decision. However, there are many who now feel positively about it as Adityanath has mainly focused on developmental issues since his appointment. He is even riding high on public popularity charts. But the question is whether or not he will continue to be the state’s favourite and whether his popularity will go beyond home rule. The stars offer some answers.

Satisfied voters
Jupiter is currently transiting his 6th house. This denotes a comfortable period for him for the better part of 2018. Thus, he will do well on most fronts of governance. This all-round development and growth will satisfy voters. He will be able to retain his popularity in the near future at least.

Dynamic work
It is likely that Adityanath’s popularity will grow more. He may reach new heights and will also attract a lot of attention on social media. His proactive approach to solving people’s problems will bring him closer to the masses.

Support to rural poor
Besides, Adityanath will take some drastic steps to boost employment in the state. He will devise special policies in an effort to lessen poverty in rural areas. These methods may look tough initially, but they will prove to be beneficial in the times to come.

Appreciation from all quarters
He may even be appreciated in other states for his sound policies. People from across India are likely to honour him and acknowledge his style of governance. He will achieve great success in implementing appropriate policies for the welfare of the people at large. Adityanath may also need to travel to different parts of the country in the following months.

A better political future
Saturn, the lord of 10th house, will transit his 8th house, which usually brings mixed results. But the influence of natal Jupiter in the 8th house will enable Saturn to work in a constructive manner. This points towards a better future for him in politics. He is likely to conquer many hurdles and surge ahead in his career. At the same time, Adityanath may face some issues with media personnels.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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