Renuka will be mired in controversies

Renuka Chowdhury is a lawmaker from Andhra Pradesh and represents the Congress in the Rajya Sabha.

A single bout of laughter was enough to bring MP Renuka Chowdhury into national limelight; the stars suggest more disagreements and heated discussions ahead for the politico

Renuka Chowdhury is a lawmaker from Andhra Pradesh and represents the Congress in the Rajya Sabha. She previously served as Union minister of State (Independent Charge) for Ministry of Women and Child Development and Tourism. Chowdhury first entered the world of politics in 1984 as a member of the Telugu Desam Party. She has served in the Rajya Sabha for two consecutive terms and was the Central Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare between 1997 and 1998 in Deve Gowda’s government. She defected to the Congress in 1998, and won two consecutive Lok Sabha elections in 1999 and 2004 from Khammam in Andhra Pradesh. Now a Rajya Sabha member, Chowdhury shot into the limelight recently when she burst into roaring laughter as PM Modi was delivering a speech in the Parliament. Ganesha analyses her star chart to find out what is in store for the politico in the near future.

Cosmos Likely To Make Her Hyper-Aggressive
She has Mars placed with Rahu in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. Mars is all about vigour, aggression and action, while Rahu, the mysterious planet signifies the dark areas of life and the negative energies. Due to this combination, the abundant energies of Mars come under the negative influence of Rahu. Thus, she will get involved in temperamental issues and fierce arguments due to differences of opinion and will become hyper-aggressive.

Circumstances Will Compel Her To Remain In Controversies
Currently, a transiting Saturn is moving over the Mars-Rahu conjunction in her chart, along with a transiting Rahu which is moving over the Sun. This is why she was involved in the controversy that erupted in the Parliament recently. Also, the impact of the eclipse triggered the controversy. During 2018, she will not be at peace with things, and even if she manages to do so after a lot of difficulty, there may be some or the other incident around her which may provoke her to make some controversial remarks. Moreover, the positive qualities of Mars will get subdued and masked due to Rahu’s influence in her chart.

Jupiter to the rescue
However, a transiting Jupiter is moving over the strong Saturn in her chart, hence, she will also gather support and the controversies will continue to bring her into the limelight, thus strengthening her political stature. Amid stiff challenges, she will be able to gain support from different quarters of society and will also establish herself as a prominent leader in state politics. Her efforts and aggressive campaigning will also help her party in the forthcoming elections.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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