No smooth sailing for Jignesh Mevani

The year 2017 made Jignesh a person to reckon with. But will he enjoy the same success in the future? Here's an analysis of his horoscope.

Much of India is still obsessed with caste identity. How else can we explain the rise of so many caste-based groups in the country? It is in this backdrop that Jignesh Mevani, a Dalit leader, shot to prominence in Gujarat. It is believed that Mevani’s crucial support to the Congress in 2017 Gujarat Assembly Elections made the BJP’s victory margin narrower. That is his present. But what are Mevani’s future prospects? Will he turn into a prominent leader in the time to come? Here’s what his horoscope says.

An exhausting journey

Ketu and Mars will transit over the natal Mars in the period between May and November, 2018. This planetary combination signifies matters related to the political arena. He might face difficult situations in politics. This may demand much of his time and energy. At times, he may feel tired and exhausted.

A mixed bag

He may face several serious challenges. His political life may move along a line that he doesn’t want. In other words, he may feel as if he has lesser control over situations. Overall, his political life may be a mixed bag, full of testing situations and a certain level of growth.

There may be downfall

Saturn will transit over three natal planets in his horoscope. This transit is not good for his political career. There are chances that he may not be able to take such a huge pressure. There is a likelihood that he may face a sharp downfall in his political career.

More success unlikely

The pressure and stress in politics may be accompanied with emotional setbacks. The political situation in Gujarat will remain volatile but he may not be able to take advantage of this situation. His growth is unlikely, especially in the near future. Changes may happen in the medium-term future.

Self-confidence will remain

On the other hand, the influence of Jupiter may help him in various ways. The presence of Jupiter is likely to foster more discipline in his life. It may even refine his personality. Thus, in spite of hurdles, he may retain his self-confidence and march ahead in life. We can say he will be down but not out in the near future.

Call for caution

However, he is likely to face difficulties in communicating with others. This is all the more true in his public life. Thus, he should be very cautious while taking important strategic decisions. If he evades this point, the situation may boomerang on him. In the end, it can be said that Jignesh Mevani will face serious hurdles in the foreseeable future. He is likely to face confrontations with other politicians in the third quarter of 2018. Thus, Jignesh Mevani will have to exercise a lot of caution and intensify his efforts in the time to come.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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