Chanda Kochhar will overcome challenges

She may be accused of malpractice, corruption and nepotism, but the MD and CEO of ICICI Bank will be able to redeem herself in the future.

Economic prosperity is the backbone of modern society. And banks are the primary drivers of economic empowerment. Well, it is a matter of great pride and honour that one of the largest private sector banks in India, ICICI is being headed by Chanda Kochhar, a woman of exceptional qualities and talents. Indeed, Chanda Kochhar, the MD and CEO of ICICI Bank is way beyond the average and her contribution has already been acknowledged by the society at large. Thus, she has been accorded several awards for her skills and qualities. However, presently she is in the midst of a controversy. Will she overcome these problems?

What Does Numerology Indicate

The moolank of Chanda Kochhar is number eight i.e. Saturn. Whereas her bhagyank is nine i.e. Mars. While her namank is six i.e. Venus. Herein, Venus is friend of Saturn — the moolank, and it is also friend of Mars — the bhagyank. Hence, Chanda Kochhar has made a lot of progress in her life. But, as the moolank and the bhagyank are enemies of each other, she has also struggled in life.

Challenging Life Ahead

Based on the planetary position in the surya kundali of Kochhar and the position of the transiting planets, it is found that natal Saturn-Ketu posited in the parakram sthan have caused a lot of struggles in her life. Moreover, she has seen many ups and downs and also faced several challenges during her entire life.

Defamation In Public Life

Transiting Ketu is passing over Saturn in her surya kundali. This unfavourable movement of the planets has caused many confusing circumstances in her area of activity. Whereas the transit of Ketu over Jupiter has caused financial issues. The reason behind the allegations is also the same. Kochhar is currently accused of malpractice, corruption and nepotism. As a result, she is also facing defamation in public life.

Jupiter’s Transit Over Venus Is A Blessing

However, the good thing is that the transit of Jupiter over Venus will not allow her reputation and identity to be tarnished. The transit of Jupiter over natal Mercury will save her from the crisis.

Things Will Turn In Her Favour

The lord of litigation and the signifying planet — Mars is together with the Sun. But Libra’s Jupiter is fully aspecting the sixth house. Hence, Kochhar will be safeguarded from internal opposition. Apart from this, the various types of allegations made against her will not be proved. Her image will also improve. Moreover, the decision in the legal proceedings is also expected to be in her favour, which indicates Kochhar’s victory. Thus, after facing some challenges and few ups and downs, we can say that Chanda Kochhar will continuously progress in the future.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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