Vasundhara to give a tough fight

While the upcoming Rajasthan elections may pose a challenge to the current CM, Vasundhara Raje Scindia, she is not one to give up so easily.

Vasundhara Raje Scindia, who holds the honour of being the first woman Chief Minister of Rajasthan, is in her second innings as CM since 2013. She previously held the post from 2003 to 2008. Raje entered politics in 1984, and was first appointed a Member of the National Executive of the BJP, then a newly formed party. She was subsequently elected as an MLA from the Dholpur constituency of Rajasthan. Raje has had her fair share of controversies, including allegedly helping Lalit Modi and facilitating his flight out of the country after the IPL scam.
Ganesha analyses her horoscope to find out her prospects in the forthcoming elections in Rajasthan.

Planets Bestow Her With Power And Authority

Cancer is rising in the Ascendant while the strong Jupiter-Venus conjunction is in the 10th House (House of power and position). Due to such a strong Rajyoga, she is in a position of authority and power. The exchange between Mars and Jupiter is also a very powerful Rajyoga.

Jupiter Gives Her Hope In the Forthcoming Polls

She is currently under the influence of Rahu-Jupiter-Saturn Mahadasha period. Jupiter, the 9th House Lord is strong enough to make a positive impact in the forthcoming elections. She will not leave space so easily to the opposition parties in Rajasthan and will try hard to woo her traditional voters. She will also find some success in her endeavours.

Internal Party Politics Will Cause Concern

Saturn is retrograde in the 4th House and is ill-placed in Navamsa and D-10 charts, so Raje is passing through the transition phase. The forthcoming elections will be very tough for her. She will face stiff resistance and opposition within the party as well. Since Saturn is the eighth Lord, the party’s internal problems may have a dampening impact on her winning prospects.

Her Performance In The Polls Will Be Average

Saturn is also the significator of Lord Rahu. The last phase of Saade Sati can be a very difficult period combined with struggles and some disappointments. It will not be that easy for Raje to expand her voter base and retain her supporters. Her performance in the forthcoming elections will be average. However, the transiting Jupiter will act in her favour and may also act as a safeguard.


The year 2018 will remain very stressful and challenging for Raje. She has a difficult and tough phase ahead.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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