It’s the time to ‘Disq’O!

Published Jan 31, 2016, 12:24 am IST
Updated Jan 31, 2016, 12:24 am IST
If you’re strapped for time and can’t head to the gym, then add resistance to your movements with this workout gear and be fit anytime, anywhere.
Shaik and Ayesha Moyeenuddin show some Disq workout steps
 Shaik and Ayesha Moyeenuddin show some Disq workout steps

Disq erases the gap between professional athletes and weekend warriors. Disq workouts are created by top professionals and are based on tried and true training principals and lets you challenge yourself everytime, as you experience new steps, fitness levels and maximise results.

The Disq offers the freedom of outdoor training, with the endless opportunities of a gym. Make any workout more effective with these easy steps that are performed with a mobile belt and straps. The adjustable resistance lets you workout at your own level, goes where you go, and helps you regain freedom as you get stronger.


—The writer is a fitness coach, Healthify me.

Mountain climbers

Get on all fours and rise into a plank or push-up position, forcing your abs to work hard and stay contracted in the position. Bring one knee onto your chest, as far as your flexibility will allow. Don’t lift your hips to make the movement easier. Replace it behind you and repeat on the opposite side.


Begin in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your body into a squatting position and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back so that you are in push-up position. Lower your chest to do a push-up and bring your chest back up. Kick your feet back to their original position. Stand up, and then jump into the air while raising your arms overhead.



Squat and Press

Stand up straight with your feet hip width apart and grasp the string of the Disq and hold your hands above your shoulders, palms facing forward. The Disq string should be held behind your arms. Move into a squat and raise your arms in the air (at the side of your body) as wide as you can, keeping the elbow high. Make sure to keep your back flat. Press through your heels to return to a standing position.

Squat Squat

Lunge and fly

Take a step backward with the left foot and drop into lunge stance. Keep the knee over the ankle, and reach your arms to your sides as wide as possible along with the Disq strings. Repeat with the right foot.


Lunge and flyLunge and fly


Enhances calisthenics — it doubles the resistance on all body weight workouts.
It can be used for beginners,
intermediates and advance level of fitness.
It is less prone to injury.
It is the most contemporary fitness tool to help you keep fit.