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Weights for her

Published Dec 1, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Updated Dec 1, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Preacher curls
 Preacher curls

These days it is important to stay fit — not for your significant other, but for yourself. 21-year-old Shubhanshi believes that fitness not only improves you physically, but also helps you channelise your energy, making you mentally and emotionally stronger.

Shubhanshi ventured into weightlifting after she was inspired by her brother. Though it was an impulsive decision, she was glad to have made it. “When I started lifting heavy weights, it improved me physically, mentally and emotionally. I am really glad I am into weightlifting now,” she says.

A certain myth is associated with weightlifting which states that if women engage in it, their bodies would become ‘manly’. Shubhanshi rubbishes this saying, “Women do not produce that level of testosterone so if they are lifting weights, eventually they will enhance their feminine curves.”

Shubhanshi is inspired by the likes of video jockey Bani J and Navpreet Banga but does she want to become like them? She answers, “My goal is not to become like them but to have that motivation in myself.”

She points out that these days women are concerned with tummy fat and the fat on thighs. She advises women at home to, “Perform a certain kind of activities like abs, crunches, etc., and if you do not have time to go to the gym, you can take a utensil that weighs five kilograms in your hands and do squats.”

Shoulder press

Steps: n Take dumbbells and sit on a bench
Keep your feet hip-wide apart
With your back straight, push the dumbbells on your sides upwards and then back to the original position. This completes one rep

benefits: This exercise tones your shoulders. With toned shoulders, you will have a straight neckline and enhanced collar bones

Preacher curls

Steps:  This exercise is done on the preacher curl machine. Here, you have to make your arms go straight and then they need to be brought back
arms have to be glued to the support while you are lifting the weight. Also ensure your back is straight

benefits: The arm fat is reduced, which further tones the arms. If you are using heavy weights and doing less reps, your muscles become even stronger

Weight squats

Steps: n Place the bar on your upper back, with your feet shoulder-width apart
Go down into a sitting position, while pushing your knees to the side. Eventually, your hips should be lower than your knees
Squat back up, with your knees out and chest up. This completes one rep

benefits: This exercise works best for toning gluteal muscles, hamstring, and the thighs. This gives great definition to the female body


Steps: n Hold the dumbbells or barbell at shoulder-width
Bend your knees slightly, lift your chest upwards, and keep your lower back straight
Lift the bar/bells and stand with the weights

benefits: Through this exercise, your back becomes stronger. The whole body is being used in here. Hence, apart from a good back, arms and thighs are toned, which helps tone the belly fat



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