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Flex, twist, bend repeat!

Published Jul 14, 2019, 12:30 am IST
Updated Jul 14, 2019, 12:30 am IST
Cat and Cow Pose
 Cat and Cow Pose

Spondylitis is an inflammatory arthritis that affects the spine. Many people with this condition irrespective of their age experience stiffness and pain in the lower back. The pain may be sporadic and differ in severity; it can be a twinge or a nagging pain. There is no cure to it, however the aim of these exercises is to minimise the pain and stiffness and reduce flares. These basic stretching exercises help build flexibility and may reduce pain. Lifting weights and heavy workouts are not advisable hence stretching is the best go-to for interim relief. Give yourself that extra push and devote some time for these exercises, as with exhaustion comes a good night's sleep.

— The writer is a Transformation Specialist and Personal Trainer

Bhujangasana and Vajrasana

1Lie flat on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders and elbows facing upwards.
2Now balance your body weight on your palms as you inhale and raise your head and trunk.
3Arch your neck backwards and ensure your shoulder blades are away from your ears as you press your hips downward.
4Now, slowly exhale and move your hip backwards, towards your heel and sit back. Ensure your hands are in the same position
5Perform 10 to 15 reps of four sets each


Bird cow 1 Kneel with knee and hip width apart and your hands firmly placed on the ground directly under your shoulder with shoulder width apart
2 Pull your belly button towards your spine (inhale) with your lower back curved.
3 Slowly lift your left arm and right leg alternatively with a balanced coordination and ensure to avoid any additional movement to your position.
4 Continue the same procedure with your right arm and your left leg up facing towards the ceiling.
5 Perform 10 to 15 reps of four sets each


Pelvic Tilt

1 Lie on your back preferably on the floor with your knees bent and your toes facing forward
2 Keep your hands crossed on your chest
3 Pull your belly button in towards your spine and push your pelvic region up towards the ceiling.
4 Tighten your glutes and hip muscles as you tilt your pelvis forward and hold for five seconds.
5 Perform 10 to 15 reps of four sets each.


Prone Back Extinction

1 Lie flat on the mat with your forehead facing the mat and your palms facing the ceiling
2 Exhale as you slowly raise yourself off the ground as you lift your body with your stomach firm.
3 Hold this pose for two to three seconds and return to the beginning position
4 Perform 10 to 15 reps of four sets each


Cat and Cow Pose1 Start with your hands and knees balancing your body in the crawling position, your wrist placed proportionate to shoulder and your knee proportionate to your hip, place your palm facing the mat. Place your shin and knees hip width apart. Place your head in a neutral position and soften your gaze down. This is the cat pose
2Cow position – Inhale as you drop your belly on the mat. Lift your chin and chest as you gaze up at the ceiling.
3Broaden your shoulder blades and drop them away from your ears.
4Now return to the cat pose – As you exhale draw your belly to your spine and curve your back facing the ceiling. This must look like a cat stretching its back.
5Release your head but ensure not to rest your chin on your chest.
6Inhale as you return to the cow pose.
7Repeat this for five to 15 times and rest by sitting back on your heel with your torso upright.




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