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An eye-opening exercise

Published Nov 3, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Updated Nov 3, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Look Sideways
 Look Sideways

If you work long hours in front of the computer or are glued to your mobile or television at home, then here are some simple exercises to relax your strained eyes and keep them healthy.

A majority of the people exercise their arms, legs, abs, back and neck but they hardly bother to exercise their weary eyes, which are actually the gateway to the world. Here are some simple eye exercises that you can perform at home or in your office to relax your tired eyes. But before you start, always remember to wash your hands, splash some clean water on eyes and then gently dab your your face with a clean towel.

Sunny Side-up
We often overlook this simple exercise but it is important to sun our eyes along with the rest of our body for Vitamin D. Simply put, face the sun with your eyes closed. This technique relaxes your strained eyes.
n Stand upright and look towards the sun with eyes closed
n Stay in the position for 10 seconds and then look down
n Repeat 5-7 times every day

Fingers on Eyes
Wash your hands clean and place 2-3 fingers on your closed eyelids to improve blood circulation in and around your eyes and relax them.

Close your eyes
Place two or three fingers over each eyelid
Press gently for 2 seconds then release (don’t press too hard as it could strain your eyes)
Repeat 5 to 8 times
Allow your eyes to re-adjust to the light once the repetitions are finished

Roll Your Eyes
We often roll our eyes when we are upset or angry at someone but if done right, it can actually help you to soothe your eyes and improve your vision.
Roll your eyes slowly to the left in a circle
Repeat 5 to 6 times
Roll your eyes slowly to the right in a circle
Repeat 5 to 6 times

Look Sideways
You look to the left and right before crossing a traffic signal but you turn your head more than using your eyes. This helps your eyes to function better.

Sit or stand still for this exercise
Look far right as you can (don’t strain on your eyes)
Hold your gaze for 5 to 8 seconds
Look to the far left and hold your gaze for 5 to 8 seconds
Look back to the centre for 2 seconds
Repeat this exercise 6 times

Eyes wide open
All of us know the wide-eyed look people have when they surprised about something. This technique keeps your eyes healthy.

Wash eyes with water and dab your face
Close eyes tight for 5 seconds
Open your eyes wide for 5 seconds
Repeat 10 times

Time to Turn Off
If your job demands you to stare at the computer for long hours, or work late nights, then you should make it a practice to wash your eyes with water and close them for few minutes and take rest. This exercise relieves the strain on your eyes muscles.

Turn off your computer screen
Turn your chair away from bright lights
Lean back in your chair and close your eyes for 5-10 minutes
Repeat this exercise twice every day

Cross Eyed
We have all tried to look cross-eyed and make people laugh as kids but while doing so it exercises your eyes.
Hold your forefinger at arm’s length and focus on it
Bring it towards your nose slowly and fix your eyes on it for 4 seconds
After it reaches your nose, slowly move it back to arm’s length
Repeat 4-5 times



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