Mirzapur is a phenomenal show: Farhan Akhtar

The filmmaker gives full credit to creative team and talented star cast at trailer launch

“If the writing is not good, nothing is going to work,” asserted filmmaker Farhan Akhtar.

Speaking at the trailer launch of the much-awaited Mirzapur Season 3 in Mumbai on Thursday, he said, “We live in an age where, if you don't like something, with a click of a button you can watch 50 other things. So, the writing has to engage you, the characters have to be exciting.”

He said he considered himself very fortunate and blessed to have a strong creative team, which knows how to to write for today’s audience. “The creative team has worked hard, Guru (director), and the fantastic talent, are the people who go out there and make the show for you, make it what it is. We’re blessed to have these people collaborate with us on the show,” he added.

Acknowledging the talent of the star cast, the filmmaker said they made it “very, very difficult to turn the eye away [from the show].”

Discussing the success of the series, Akhtar said, “Mirzapur was truly a phenomenal show, the way it had found a place in the hearts of audiences all across the world. ‘When will Mirzapur 3 come out?’ is a question I’m always asked, wherever I go, and I’m very happy it’s finally happening.” Pankaj Tripathi, Rasika Duggal, Ali Fazal, Vijay Verma and Shweta Tripathi, who are part of the Mirzapur 3 cast, were among those who attended the trailer launch. Amazon Prime Video’s Nikhil Madhok was also present.

Mirzapur Season 3 is set to begin streaming from July 5th.

Pankaj Tripathi echoed Farhan Akhtar in praising the writer/director and others on the creative team. “They gave me the lines and Guru said, ‘Say it in this way.’ I just followed what the DoP said. We are just puppets. They are the masters. Parmatma hi karva rahe hai sab.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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