The Quest For Happiness

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shares wisdom on finding true happiness.

Hyderabad: We all strive to be happy in life. Each person has a different idea of “aanand” (happiness). For some, happiness lies amid friends and family. For others, it may lie in the company of animals and nature. Many people find bliss in sharing and benevolence. Some genuinely find innate joy in following their passions and sharing their skills – be it culinary, fitness, spiritual, or professional. So why is it that we are constantly struggling to find happiness or see so many unhappy faces around us? According to spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the secret of inner bliss is “When you see your happiness in the happiness of others, that’s when you will be truly happy.”

The human resolve to be happy has remained “remarkably resilient”, says the World Happiness Report of 2023. As per the latest World Happiness Report 2023, India stands at the 126th position among 146 countries. That makes India one of the least happy nations in the world. India’s ranking in the happiness index is way lower than its immediate neighbours like China (64), Nepal (78), Bhutan (97) and Bangladesh (118). Finland continues to be the world’s happiest country for the sixth consecutive time, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Israel, and the Netherlands. Inspired by the Bhutan government’s happiness index score, the governments of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh in 2017 set up “happiness departments” to make their citizens happy.

But six years down the line, people frown and jokingly say, “They are still counting the smiles.” The state governments had roped in spiritual gurus and experts to measure the ‘happiness level’ of the people.

The pandemic taught us to set priorities in our lives. The importance of happiness, optimism, and benevolence as per spiritual gurus and behavioural
scientists is the key secret to ‘good health’ and long life.

John Helliwell, one of the authorcum-editors of the World Happiness Report 2023 in a press release says, “Even during those difficult years, positive emotions remained twice as prevalent as negative ones, and feelings of positive social support twice as strong as those of loneliness.”


Ancient Greek philosopher and polymath Aristotle said: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

A little happiness in life goes a long way. For several millennia, wise men advised that true happiness often comes from within. Hence, keep the negative
thoughts at bay, and don’t be too harsh with yourself. If you are angry, just count 1 to 10 and breathe. Breathing helps to cope with anger, anxiety, insomnia,
stress and depression. Gautam Buddha’s teachings stress the importance of breathing techniques and meditation. Go out and meet people. The power of
human connection is incredible. Pick up a social cause that is close to your heart and dedicate your time and talent there.

Small joys in life can make a big difference. They help you scale the happiness ladder – step by step!

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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