106th Day Of Lockdown

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Sunday Chronicle leisure 03 May 2020 Shanoor Sana flaunts ...

Shanoor Sana flaunts her culinary skills

Published May 3, 2020, 4:55 pm IST
Updated May 3, 2020, 4:55 pm IST
Actress demonstrates simple Ramzan specials on daughter-in-law’s YouTube channel
Sameera, herself a popular television actress in Tamil, got the idea of making a simple biryani at home
 Sameera, herself a popular television actress in Tamil, got the idea of making a simple biryani at home

Shanoor Sana Begum, a popular actress in Telugu and Tamil cinema, has become a hit all over again, this time in the role of a real-life chef. She and her daughter-in-law Sameera Sherief have demonstrated how to make biryani and Haleem on the latter’s YouTube channel. The shows have been viewed by over a million people.  

Sameera, herself a popular television actress in Tamil, got the idea of making a simple biryani at home, according to Sana, as most people are missing biryani at this Ramzan time because of the lockdown. “Sameera is fluent in both Telugu and Tamil, so she did the video in both languages,” says Sana.


“We have got many messages and calls for our biryani. After the biryani programme, I demonstrated how to prepare Haleem, on public demand,” says the actress.

Though she misses the regular film shooting schedules, Sana says she is happy staying at home. “This lockdown has given all family members time together at home and we are busy with our regular chores. So, I don’t really feel bored,” explains Sana. The actress’ son Anwar is a Tamil television producer and actor.

According to her, the family as a whole has decided to help people working for them, rather than contribute to any charitable organisation. “There are many people working, and we decided to look after them. We have been doing so since the lockdown started,” she shares.

Sana’s family lives in the old city in an area where there are many halls where functions are held. When events are conducted at these halls, the stray dogs of the area get food. But because of the lockdown, the dogs are going hungry. “So, we feed these strays at night,” adds Sana. 

In another decision in keeping with the times, Sana’s family has decided to forego their customary Ramzan shopping.

“Even after the lockdown is lifted, we have decided not to buy new clothes. Instead, we will give the money we would have spent to a poor family,” she says.

Talking of the film industry’s efforts to help out during this crisis, Sana said, “The good thing is that the industry is once again in the forefront, reaching out a helping hand,” she concludes.