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Published Aug 27, 2017, 12:30 am IST
Updated Aug 27, 2017, 6:17 am IST
Mario Talarico Horn Eagle Umbrella
 Mario Talarico Horn Eagle Umbrella

Of all things that belong to the accessory community, umbrellas probably deserve the least attention or credit. This is probably why it will shock you to know the craft, the effort, the sense of stylistic expertise and core products that go into creating the most expensive umbrellas in the world. From the brand name they belong to, to the jewels they are adorned with and as in some cases — the multitasking utilities that come with it, umbrellas are all about prestige and luxury. Let’s look at the top five most expensive of these beauties, keeping us fashionably protected from getting drenched.

Mario Talarico Horn Eagle Umbrella ($650)

Famous for hand crafting exceptional designs, this Italian company individually crafts completely unique umbrellas. No exception to their signature style, this tastefully made full size umbrella’s highlight is a regal eagle head handle made of bone. However, it is the black canopy this model is coupled with, that supremely complements a man of style.


Swaine Adeney Brigg Men’s “Whangee” ($760)

Considered rather pricey, this umbrella’s finishing is what makes it one of its kind. “Whangee” comes from the root of a certain type of bamboo which is naturally ‘designed’ from soil erosion and other natural processes. Later on, it undergoes bleaching, boiling and straightening. The canopy of this model can be nylon or silk and in accordance with their signature style, the collar can also be engraved with initials to further personalise it.


Billionaire couture Umbrellais ($50,000)

Being one of a kind, the world’s most expensive umbrella is an original design of Angelo Galasso. The glossy couture item is made out of a waterproof crocodile skin. Not only that, it also brags of a guaranteed merchantable quality, which cancels out every chance of a disastrous faux-pas moment. Apart from always looking fierce while braving through a stormy weather, no two models of these umbrellas are totally alike. Each one being made from top quality crocodile skin with its own unique details, this umbrella is extravagant, rich and totally unapologetic.


Burberry Nubuck Ostrick Handle Umbrella ($850)

With elegant designs and a flamboyant tint, the canopy is made out of shower resistant polyester, that gets blended with cotton twill. In accordance with the price, the handle and press-stud are all wrapped in ostrich skin. However, it’s perfect for a sophisticated gentleman who prefers subtle quality over pretentious display.


Swaine Adeney Brigg Men’s Malacca Umbrella ($1,270)

This royal umbrella features a Malacca cane two piece handle and the highlight is the fitted screw-in drinking flask. With a purely hand woven black silk awning, its shaft is crafted out of tulip wood and comes with a custom-made silver platting. The canopy is available in both 25 inches or 27 inches in rib size and 35.5 inches and 38 inches in length respectively. A rather high tensile strength rib frame and with a classic Royal Warrant collar, this can also be personalised with initials upon request.



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