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World’s favourite money spinners

Published Sep 15, 2019, 12:01 am IST
Updated Sep 15, 2019, 12:01 am IST
The most expensive music videos ever came from the most popular Pop icons – Madonna and MJ!

Music videos can be considered as one of  the most influential visual tools that have been making the youth diehard fans of the singers who had rendered the songs. To make things even more compelling, the singers are themselves featured in the video, which in turn gives them retention and recognition. It cannot be denied that rarely does a song become a hit if it is not accompanied by an audio-visual presentation. As music videos are effective platforms in promoting the song and the singer, many artists have sought the best production teams to help them come up with the most unique and entertaining products. When it comes to making such a music video, the amount of money spend just become numbers. From hiring experienced directors to setting up expensive sets and investing a lot on the computer graphics and even the concept and costumes, the below mentioned music videos were some of the best and the most expensive ones ever made.

Scream by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson
$7 million

Released in 1995, Scream is the lead single from the album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book 1 by King of Pop Michael Jackson and his sister Janet Jackson. The space-themed music video produced by Mark Romanek for $7 million, is the most expensive music video till date. The major part of the budget for the video was spent on the set, a computer-generated white spaceship. The special effects and lightings were not cheap either. No wonder, it became one of the most critically acclaimed music videos, winning the Grammy in 1995.

Bedtime Stories by Madonna
$5 million

With renowned music video director Mark Romanek at the helm, Madonna’s Bedtime Story too is one among the most expensive music videos ever made. Released in 1995 and packed with digital effects, the video is touted as one of Madonna’s most experimental music videos and is a prized collection by art and music galleries around the world. The video features surrealistic and new age imagery, with influences from artists such as Remedios Varo, Frida Kahlo and Leonora Carrington.

Express Yourself by Madonna
$5 million

It seems that the American singer is particular about making a bang with all of her music videos. Her music video Express Yourself from her fourth studio album Like a Prayer is no different. Inspired from 1927 classic film Metropolis, the song released in 1989 is a manifestation of Madonna’s thoughts and ideas on several social issues stemming from power and gender. The main inspiration behind the song is female empowerment, urging women never to go for second-best and to always express their inner feelings. David Fincher who directed Fight Club and The Panic Room led the production crew in the making of this video. Clearly, this much amount of talent doesn’t come cheap.

Die Another Day by Madonna
$6.1 million

The theme song of a James Bond movie, the song is an ultimate favourite of Bond and Madonna fans. To provide complete justice to the theme, the song has many action sequences, most of it performed by the singer herself. If the reports are to be believed, the singing sensation also underwent fencing training to make her a legit sword fighter just for a few moments in the video. Depicting Madonna as a prisoner in a torture chamber alternating with scenes of a fencing duel between good (clad in white) and evil (clad in black), the song was developed as an independent video, but contained Bond influences. This explains why the production costs went sky high. A major part of the budget was also used for computer graphics as Madonna is seen in a double role.



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