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Published on: March 14, 2020 | Updated on: March 14, 2020

From tiaras to a comb and a brilliant ensemble of gems, here's a list of the most expensive hair accessories

Lawrence Graff's diamond-encrusted hairdo

Lawrence Graff's diamond-encrusted hairdo

Be it a maiden from the Royals or a girl from next door, accessories are every girl's most prized possessions. And hair accessories always top the list. From giving that touch of finesse to your look to elating your spirits with its charm watch out for these beautifully crafted precious brilliances.

Lawrence Graff's diamond-encrusted hairdo
Rs 36,67,37,50,000

Recreating the iconic Hair and Jewel image from the 70s, 75-year-old Laurence Graff decided to use $500 million worth of precious jewels for his new ensemble. The new hairdo holds the Graff Diamonds Sweethearts earrings, featuring 51.53-carat and 50.76-carat heart shape diamonds, a 6.51-carat intense pink flawless oval cut diamond ring, a 10.47-carat royal blue briolette diamond pendant and a selection of jewellery crafted from the 550-carat Letšeng Star, the 14th largest white rough diamond ever discovered. This is sold at a whopping INR 36,67,37,50,000.

Yellow-diamond coronet
Rs 24,55,38,25,000 

This tiara of white diamonds in platinum includes a detachable bracelet accented with nine Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds in 18k gold. This piece of colossal craftsmanship captures the hues of the reminiscent sun with its precision cut yellow diamonds originally meant for the Royals! This multi-purpose accessory is available for a dashing INR 24,55,38,25,000 at Tiffany and Co.

Miss Russia 2010 crown
Rs 7,33,17,500
Estimated to be worth over INR 7,33,17,500, this white gold crown is adorned with 2,358 diamonds and 14 rare pearls. It was made by jewellery house Jewellery Theatre, and garnered much more publicity than the beauty pageant. This is one of the on the most expensive crows in the world and is indeed an utter beauty. Irina Antonenko, the gorgeous winner of the beauty pageant donned the crown with poise and panache.

Emerald  and diamond tiara
Rs 95,31,27,500

The history of this beautiful tiara dates back to the 1900. The tiara was a gift for the German Prince Guido Henckel von Domersmarck’s second wife, Katherine.  Rumour has it that this stunning tiara was also owned by the wife of Emperor Napoleon III of France. Its charming design includes eleven polished briolette emeralds of 500 carats. This beauty is currently owned by an anonymous bidder, who has confirmed to have paid nearly INR 95,31,27,500 for this incredible piece of hair jewellery!

Natalie K Diamonds - Red carpet hair comb
Rs 7,33,17,500

This pretty comb was created by Natalie K. Diamonds with the help of designer Roger Neal. It supposedly made Oscar history as being the most expensive hair accessory ever worn on the red carpet. Kimora Lee Simmons, former fashion model and founder of Baby Phat, wore this INR 7,33,17,500 accessory on the red carpet and received worldwide publicity and recognition. Natalie K. Diamonds uses gemstones from Africa, Israel, Russia which are considered to be among the most precious in the world.

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