Gentlemen in the making

The wellness sector is slowly warming up to men’s needs in the same way it has been focusing on the well being of women. The result is Menspedition

Men will be men. Now, they are getting gentle and letting go of their grin-and-bear-it-all masculinity, slow and steady.

When frustrated, angry, or down, they are no longer letting it all out in the gyms through high-intensity workouts or, worse, drowning themselves in a bottle of alcohol. They are doing what women do for their overall well-being.

From emotional support groups to bonding getaways designed for men only, Menspedition is the latest trend, which has the men smiling. It’s an activity that brings together meditation sessions and conversations around the topic of masculinity, along with hiking and other outdoor activities. It’s designed to give men softer, more holistic answers that benefit the mind, body, and soul.

So what is menspedition all about?

Nikhil Kapur, founder of Atmantan Wellness Centre, says men’s wellness is undergoing a massive shift.

“Traditionally, and even now to a large extent, heavy and extreme workouts dominate the scene when it comes to male well-being. The emerging new focus is on softer approaches like meditation, talking therapy, and stress management, which are gaining traction,” says Nikhil.

This holistic approach, he says, recognises the mind-body connection and prioritises emotional well-being alongside physical fitness. “It empowers men to address mental health concerns and cultivate a sense of calm alongside physical strength,” he points out.

Confidential space

From what we observe, men are increasingly seeking help to address issues like anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges, says Nikhil, whose wellness centre, Atmantan, has begun to provide a confidential space for men to discuss their experiences and emotions with their consulting doctor or coach.

“Energy healing practices like pranic healing are also well received, as this promotes relaxation and significantly impacts their emotional well-being,” he says.

One of the key takeaways is the journey of self-discovery that he is promoting through various talks and sessions. “This helps people reconnect with themselves and explore their inner world, leading to a sense of peace and clarity,” adds Nikhil.

Off-beat therapies

Men are also being offered a variety of off-beat meditation therapies to choose from. “As part of the renewal retreat programme designed specifically for gentlemen, we have therapies like stargazing, alpine camping experience, and a scuba explorer programme as well,” informs Shekhar Sawant, Senior Vice President & GM Heritage Village Resorts, Manesar.

For those men seeking rejuvenation and relaxation, the programme offers a curated selection of treatments and activities tailored to promote physical vitality and mental well-being. “We take gentlemen on a journey of self-care and renewal amidst the tranquil surroundings of our resort,” says Shekhar.

Besides, there are tailor-made treatments for men after a consultation with their therapist, followed by international therapies like deep tissue repair, chakra head therapy, and marma abhyangam, along with personalised yoga sessions, informs Shekhar.

Redefining Stereotypes

1 Men’s retreats provide a tailored experience that addresses specific male health concerns, ranging from prostate health to emotional pressures often tied to male roles in society.

2 Some frequent activities include yoga and meditation sessions, outdoor excursions such as hiking or kayaking, exercise classes, mindfulness workshops, nutrition and cookery classes, and therapeutic services such as massage or acupuncture.

The emerging new focus is on softer approaches like meditation, talking therapy, and stress management, which is gaining traction — Nikhil Kapur, an Ironman Tri-athlete, is the Co-Founder Director of Atmantan Wellness Centre

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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