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photographer Dikshit Mundra captures vivid, raw and conceptual images from the streets of india.

A passionate photographer, a rider and a traveller, is how Dikshit Mundra describes himself. The ace photographer from Mumbai co-founded the popular Instagram page streets.of.india, which captures vivid, raw and conceptual images from the streets of India.

Tunnel viewTunnel view

Taking note of his expressive portraits and stunning landscapes, Dikshit was also featured as one of the Nat Geo Travellers. For Dikshit, photography is in his genes. “My dad inspired me to take it up. As a child, I was always his subject. He would take the family out and shoot our pictures with a big smile on his face. Growing up, I always wondered what he got out of it. It was us being photographed and him doing all the work. I got my answer the day he gifted me a camera and in a very poetic manner told me ‘you will find your answer’,” smiles Dikshit. Since then, he has come a long way.

A fort in AjmerA fort in Ajmer

Today, he goes a great length to capture that ‘perfect photograph’. “I spotted a bald eagle on top of a monument in Agra and wanted to capture the flight of the bird. To capture the exact moment I had to stand there with my 300mm telephoto for a long time in the scorching sun with my neck tilted. There came a point when I couldn’t take it anymore but still managed to capture the shot,” says Dikshit who runs the Instagram handle with his friend Rufus. “To be honest, creating the page was a casual idea. We never thought we’d get this far. We just wanted to take something from the community and give it back in the form of features. We want to give exposure to some of the good artistes out there who are deprived of it. It’s only because of these people that SOI has been able to grow so big. People who upload pictures under our hashtag have made it this big for us,” he says.

The TajThe Taj

And as a lensman, Dikshit believes that there is no such thing as bad photography. “Just like people, perspective differs. And it’s not just about taking a photograph and uploading it on any social media site and getting likes.

The Agra FortThe Agra Fort

“It’s about respect. Before taking a portrait, I think it’s always important to seek permission and ask if they are comfortable with it. Indulge, take interest in their lives, ask them stupid questions,” suggests Dikshit to newbies.

Travel in JaisalmerTravel in Jaisalmer

Moving forwardMoving forward

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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